Food Trucks Moving in LA

JOH_2338 by star5112 (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Gourmet food trucks are moving in LA all over. They’ve been a huge craze that seeing food trucks moving in LA has become a normal occurrence for most of Los Angeles. What are gourmet food trucks and why are they constantly moving in LA? They are moving  target restaurants on wheels moving in LA and bringing the food to you! They’ve become such a craze that almost everyone wants to show off their innovative culinary chops by moving in LA!

So how do I find these food trucks moving in LA? It’s easy to stay connected using twitter or facebook and find one of these food trucks moving in LA. Most food trucks will announce their location where they’ll be moving in LA and how long they’ll be there via twitter. There are also set calendars in place on their website where they announce when they’ll be at certain events and festivals moving in LA. Gourmet food trucks are so popular and constantly moving in LA, there’s even a website that maps them out at any given time!

Here’s are my favorite food trucks moving in LA:


Kogi Truck
(Photo by: sherrymain)

One of the most well known food trucks moving in LA, the Kogi BBQ Truck has Korean BBQ on the go. With Korean-Mexican fusion food like short ribs and fried kimchi in burritos and tacos, the Kogi BBQ Truck is one of the most well known and most delicious trucks moving in LA! There’s usually a long line, so be sure to get moving in LA and get there early!

Grilled Cheese Truck (@grlldcheesetruk) 

Grilled Cheese Truck
(Photo by: Kevitivity)

Next up is the super delicious Grilled Cheese Truck moving in LA! They’ve got the most amazing grilled cheese sandwiches ranging from an original American Cheese to a Brie Melt! I’d get moving in LA to find this awesome food truck! Who doesn’t love a grilled cheese while moving in LA?

Coolhaus Truck (@COOLHAUSLA)

Coolhaus Truck
(Photo by: David Berkowitz)

I love my desserts, so I was so excited when I tried Cool Haus’s amazing ice cream cookie sandwiches! They’ve got a unique selection of ice cream and cookies with such wild flavors like bacon flavored ice cream and a potato chip and butterscotch cookie! Not to mention that Cool Haus offers vegan options! Desserts like these are a great reason to get moving in LA!

Buttermilk Truck (@ButtermilkTruck)

Buttermilk food truck
(photo by: stevelyon)

Pancakes and waffles and French toast and donuts! It’s like all the delicious breakfast foods in one food truck moving in LA! There’s sweet breakfast meals in the morning, and savory sweet meals at night! Get moving in LA day or night to get one of Buttermilk Truck’s awesome creations.
Frysmith Truck (@Frysmith) 

Frysmith Truck
(Photo by: stu_spivack)

Masters of all that is fries, this food truck moving in LA is more than just your average chilli cheese fries. They’ve got steak on fries, korean ribs on fries, and more. They even have vegan options which means that all you vegetarians and vegans can go out and get moving in LA and find the Frysmith truck!

These are just a few of my favorite LA food trucks moving in LA. Do you have any food trucks that you watch out for when you’re moving in LA? There’s something so fun about having gourmet food on the go! No matter if you like Korean BBQ, an old ice cream, grilled cheese, or Do you guys have any favorite food trucks moving in LA?