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We may look like movers, but we’re social butterflies. When you move around as much as we do, you learn we’re all different and that goes for our choices of social media platforms too. Some of us prefer blogs, while others prefer Facebook, Instagram, Twitter,… Read More

Our Top 10 Reasons to Be Thankful on Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving! If you’re taking a break from carving the turkey or stuffing your face with pumpkin pie, welcome! We at NorthStar Moving are so thankful to you, our wonderful blog readers. Did you know that being thankful can actually benefit your health? An attitude for gratitude lowers stress levels, strengthens the immune system and boosts mental health. If being thankful is something to be thankful for, remembering to be thankful for a lot of other Read More

Food Trucks Moving in LA

Gourmet food trucks are moving in LA all over. They’ve been a huge craze that seeing food trucks moving in LA has become a normal occurrence for most of Los Angeles. What are gourmet food trucks and why are they constantly moving in LA? They are moving  target restaurants on wheels moving in LA and bringing the food to you! They’ve become such a craze that almost everyone wants to show off their innovative culinary chops by moving in LA! Read More

Tweet Some Happiness Into Your Day!

MovingPro's Zippy Greene™My brother always dreamed of being a superhero.  I used to think it was because he liked wearing costumes but turns out he genuinely likes helping people. His dream came true when he became @northstarmoving on twitter offering friendly advice as a moving and storage professional. His mission: help make someone’s moving day a little brighter. 10,685 tweets later he has more than a few stories Read More