Holiday Party Hosting Tips

This is the year!  You’ve finally decided to host your very own holiday party. While you’ve been to enough holiday gatherings to know what not to do, it can be overwhelming to think of all the preparation you need to do for your soiree. Not to… Read More

How to Create a More Peaceful Home

feng shui your home into peace

Everything is unpacked after your move, but something still feels off? After the stress of moving day subsides your new home often retains the stress from the move. Once the boxes are cleared it’s time to start working on creating that peaceful home you’ve dreamed of with these simple organizational and decorating tips. Read More

Decorating Your Dream Bedroom

Moving into a new house can be a big deal for everyone, especially with all the packing and loading boxes…but it’s always fun to move into a new house because that’s where you start creating new memories! One way to create new memories is to decorate your room…it’s every girl’s dream to decorate their own room! Need to be inspired? Well, I have few easy ways on how to create your ultimate dream room by decorating! Read More