Life Hacks: Get Moving to the Simple Life!

Life Hacks: recycling

Sometimes life can be difficult, but with a little creativity almost anything can be simplified. As the saying goes, “when life hands you lemons, make lemonade.” Life hacks are a creative way to make things a little simpler. Take a look at some of my favorite… Read More

Decorating Your Dream Bedroom

Moving into a new house can be a big deal for everyone, especially with all the packing and loading boxes…but it’s always fun to move into a new house because that’s where you start creating new memories! One way to create new memories is to decorate your room…it’s every girl’s dream to decorate their own room! Need to be inspired? Well, I have few easy ways on how to create your ultimate dream room by decorating! Read More

101 Moving Tips!!

More than 100 moving tips! Can you believe it? We’ve already passed 100 moving tips and counting! I don’t know about you, but I think over a hundred moving tips is pretty  impressive. ;) There’s just so much to do when it comes to moving! There is packing and storing and cleaning and paperwork and movers, oh my! With so much that has to do with moving, it’s no wonder I’ve managed to write more than 101 moving tips! Read More