Giving Back For Thanksgiving: Ways to Help Your Community

Leaves by kyureodo (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Thanksgiving is right around the corner! During this time of thanks, I like to take time to thank my community. Giving back is a great way to show you care this Thanksgiving! Whether you want help out at your local food bank or organize a charity fundraiser, whatever you do, make sure it helps someone else. Thanksgiving is all about giving back and paying it forward. Here are some ways you can give thanks on Thanksgiving:

Volunteer at Soup Kitchens this Thanksgiving:

Photo By: enviziondotnet
Thanksgiving Packages (Photo By: enviziondotnet)

Soup kitchens are always looking for new volunteers to help them serve people on Thanksgiving. It is a simple way to help those around you enjoy a delicious Thanksgiving dinner. What a fabulous way to give back for Thanksgiving!

Donate for Thanksgiving:

Share your bountiful feast this Thanksgiving! Donating your time, goods, or money to your local food bank is another way to give back for Thanksgiving.

Photo By: offutt_afb
Giving Back on Thanksgiving (Photo By: offutt_afb)

You can also give back this Thanksgiving by cleaning out your closets. Giving away those items you don’t want anymore can help out someone in need. Here’s how you can find your nearest Goodwill or Habitat for Humanity ReStore location. If you’re moving soon, there’s even a luxury package to take care of all your donating needs.

Make gift packages for Thanksgiving:

Putting together gift packages for our troops this Thanksgiving is a wonderful way to get involved! There are many organizations that can use your help putting together gift packages for our troops. You can even write letters to the soldiers! How cool is that? Our troops help us everyday. Let’s help them one day of the year. What a great way to give back this Thanksgiving!

Have a fundraiser for Thanksgiving:

Photo By: _tar0_
Thanksgiving Fundraiser (Photo By: _tar0_)

Throwing a fundraiser for a charity close to your heart is an admirable way to make a change this Thanksgiving! Young adults and children from all over need your help raising awareness for many causes! Helping them raise awareness this Thanksgiving is such a fantastic way to get involved with organizations and make a difference in someone’s life. Here are some of my favorite charities; what are yours?

Anything you do this Thanksgiving season to lend a hand in your community will not only bring smiles to the people around you but will also inspire others to keep it moving along!

How are you giving back this Thanksgiving? Let me know in the Comments section!