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everyone benefits.

mother-teresaThe Mother Teresa

Charity begins at home.

Donating clothesWhen you move, you often discover that you have way more stuff than you actually need. In fact, people get rid of more stuff when they move than at any other point in their lives. That’s why we offer the Mother Teresa package. Whether you have 18 boxes of Laser Discs, a red-carpet gown, a stuffed moose head or perfectly good clothes that you’re just not wearing anymore, we can take all that and deliver it to one of our charitable partners.

NorthStar Moving works with Goodwill Southern California and Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore in order to keep usable items in use.  Let them work miracles with the stuff you might have just tossed out. So go ahead – clean out those closets. You’ll lighten your load and brighten someone else’s day.


mother-teresaMove for Hunger

1 out of 4 children in Los Angeles goes to bed hungry.

We’re not going to ask you how you ended up with so many cans of garbanzo beans in the cupboards. We will, however, ask if you really plan on eating them. If not, we’d like to donate them to Move for Hunger.

Move for Hunger collects usable food items and delivers them to local food banks. From there, they’ll be sorted and organized so they can be delivered to families in need throughout the area.

So don’t just move those cans from the back of your old pantry to the back of your new pantry. Move them to the dinner table.


mother-teresaThe Al Gore

Technology is limitless; the planet is not

After the internet was invented, the personal computer exploded in popularity. The advancements in technology happen so fast that your brand new computer will be out of date by the time you finish reading this sentence.

So what are you going to do with your old one?

The dirty secret about a lot of e-waste “recycling” is that it’s shipped overseas and crudely processed for the rare-earth minerals and metals. That means fuel to transport it and then a whole host of noxious waste involved in the break down, polluting waters
and poisoning people.

NorthStar Moving has partnered with E-Cycle Environmental recyclers to warmly meet you at your doorstep, pick-up your old electronics and other large items, and clear them away to be recycled properly and domestically under strict environmental laws.

It’s a cooler, cleaner, greener move from start to finish.

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