Keeping Up With Claire

Lockers by SickestFame (CC BY 2.0)

Claire's PlaceHey, guys! It’s Claire! How’s it going? Sorry I haven’t posted much lately, but I’ve been so busy with high school and traveling adventures! At the start of the school year I switched from independent study to a “regular” high school! I’m such a people person, so this has been a great decision for me! I love every single minute of it. I’ve made so many friends and can’t wait to experience all of the exciting things about high school!Claire's First Day of School

So far, my biggest regular high school challenges have been physical. The high school that I go to is the second largest west of the Mississippi! It’s massive, and completely up and down hill! I can hardly walk half the campus, and I’m exhausted just trying to get to my classes. I absolutely love the school, though.  I am most looking forward to the events like prom and just being able to have normal high school experiences. A lot of kids and teens are in such a rush to grow up and be older than they are, but honestly, I’m most excited for living each day as they come!Claire at High School

In other news, I recently went on a cruise to Alaska. It was my second time there, and it was still so amazing! When I look at my pictures from the cruise, I’m still in shock that I was really there. Alaska is really peaceful. I was out on the deck with my friends late at night in Glacier Bay, and it’s so dark out there that I swear you could see all the stars in the sky. It was just so incredible getting to see places like Ketchikan, Juneau and Glacier Bay in Alaska; Victoria, Canada; and so many other amazing places. Getting to see all of those beautiful cities and all the scenery really makes you think about how insignificant our own little worlds are compared to everything that’s out there. I think too often we all just think about what we need, and our own little sliver of life, and not how our actions might impact the rest of the world. Of course, we need to do this, because if we didn’t, we’d be all over the place, but still it’s amazing how much of our world we’re not looking at all the time. That’s why I love traveling so much.Sitka, Alaska

There are some highs and lows to traveling with special needs. I mean, it’s not impossible, but there is some extra planning that you need to think of. My main tip I’ve learned from my experiences is: call… A LOT. Even though you’ll remember that you’ll be flying with an oxygen tank or whatever, the airline won’t remember, and it’s your responsibility to make sure they know your needs and how to accommodate you. Another thing: at hotels, make sure you have extension cords so you can plug in or charge all the medical supplies that need charging or need to be by your bed. These places really do have the best intentions and are super helpful, but sometimes they just don’t understand how much is involved in being you. Don’t worry about being a bother. These services are there to help you. Know your limits! Even though it can be embarrassing having to ask for a wheelchair or to have someone carry your bag, it’s better than exhausting yourself or making yourself sick. Just know when to ask for help. It’ll be for the best in the long run!