Moving From a House to a Home

DGJ_8349 - Lighthouse Keeper's House by archer10 (Dennis) (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Wouldn’t it be great if the moving process ended when the movers drop off the last box and leave your doorstep? Movers can do all the heavy lifting and moving, but it’s up to you to put everything in its proper place, unpack, and turn your box filled house into a happy home! To help you along the way, I’ve devised an after moving checklist to get you moving to a happy home. A house is not a home until you’re happy and settled after moving! Setting up your new home and moving in is harder than it seems. There are so many things to do after moving!  

  • An important step when moving into a new house is changing the locks and installing deadbolts. (If you are renting, be sure to check with your landlord first!)
  • Before moving day, change your address with the post office and other subscriptions and services such as credit card companies, social security, DMV, etc. Also arrange for the old utilities to be canceled at your old home and changed over to your name in the new home.
Moving into a new home office
Label all of your boxes clearly with their contents and room destination. It makes unpacking much easier! (Photo by Dave Briggs)
  • In this day and age, moving home is not done until you’ve got your tech set up – wires, wifi, and everything electrical in between. If you’re into DIY moving, take pictures of the back of your devices to remember which wire goes where. Color code your computer wires. Bag the wires separately to avoid tangled messes and pack it up with the corresponding device to make it easy while moving! (Or to make it super easy, Home Tech could set it all up for you!)
  • Start off moving in your home the right way with a clean, fresh start! There are lots of eco-friendly cleaning options or maybe you want help. Harmony Maids can leave your home sparklingly clean and eco-friendly!
  • Maybe your new home isn’t in tip top shape after moving. There are plenty of simple fixes for common problems. For everything else, Let’s Build It, Inc. can help you out from bigger fixes to complete renovation projects.
  • Comfy furniture is a must after a long day of moving! If your old furniture doesn’t make the cut, consider revamping it and fix-her-up to fit your new home.  A/G Refinishing can take any old furniture and make it perfect for your new fashionable home.

Feeling overwhelmed by all the after moving planning? Skip the trouble and get help from Kandela Concierge Services who can help you arrange services, compare prices, and schedule installations for free.

(Photo by Brad Noble)
Get moving happiness into your home by creating the space you’ve always dreamed about! (Photo by Brad Noble)

Perhaps the most importants step of all when moving into a new home is to make it yours.

  • After moving, personalize your home. Set up items with sentimental value around your home to create that familiar home feeling.  
  • Put up your family photos as soon as possible. Just set them around the home and hang the bigger pictures once renovations are done. 
  • Introduce yourself to the neighbors and get familiar with your community. Moving into a new home means moving into a whole new neighborhood. Throw a housewarming party or maybe go old fashioned and visit your neighbors with a sweet treat.
empty home
What will you do with your new home after moving? (Photo by NMR Photo)

 I hope that these tips help make moving happiness into your home a snap. What kind of space will you create once you’re moving happiness home?