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Home Care Icon A lot of things come up over the course of the move.

The Splash!

Ready to dive in?


Finally, all the boxes are unpacked, and you’re ready to dive into some fun. The ultimate way to make your house your dream home is the perfect pool. Now, there’s an easy way to take the plunge. Let the experts at LC Pool Design + Consultation transform your daydreams into a glistening, refreshing reality. From jacuzzis, pool installations & renovations, they guide you through the depths of the design details. A pool design expert will examine your wish list, budget, timeline, the age of your children and then they’ll sketch the ideal family pool that is both safe and stylish. They’ll even open up their treasure chest of vetted service providers to ensure the entire process goes swimmingly. It’s pretty unlikely Tom Hanks and Daryl Hannah, in her mermaid tail, will stop by for a dip, but you’ll feel like a celebrity floating in your majestic lagoon. The final touch, an umbrella drink, sit & sip knowing it is also a safe environment for your whole family.


The Bob VilaThe Bob Vila

Need a fix?

You know that hole in the drywall you were going to patch up “next weekend?” Well. You’re kind of out of weekends.

And now that you’re looking at the new place . . . knocking out that wall in the kitchen would really improve the “flow,” would it not?

That’s why we offer The Bob Vila. Whether you need to add a new room, fix a leaky faucet or just finish up the project you never got around to finishing before your move, our partners at Let’s Build It, Inc. can help.


The Steve-tiniThe Steve-tini

Whoa. That’s a lot of wires.

Don’t know your HDMI from your RCA or VGA? 5.1 or 7.1? Clouds? Thunderbolt? And how are you going to get that flatscreen on the wall like it was at your old place?

The Steve-tini computer chip martini
Fear not. NorthStar Moving developed The Steve-tini Package”to send our partners at Home Tech to get everything working. Just close your eyes, have an apple-tini and soon it’ll all just work. They’ll tell you what buttons to push, and more importantly, they’ll tell you which ones never to push.

As for keeping your remote out of the cushions, well, that’s up to you.

Let us know if you’d like us to arrange for the technology experts to come out and set up your home. Video, audio, phones, automation, home security – they’ve got it wired.


The Green GoddessThe Green Goddess

Real clean, real green.

A fresh, clean start in your new home. And we’re not talking about nasty-chemical clean. Cleaning with toxic products is just a different kind of dirty.

For the Green Goddess package, we’ve partnered with Amy’s Angels Cleaning to give your new home a green deep-clean that won’t damage the earth, your health or your heavenly manicure. Using environmentally safe products, their professionally trained cleaners will make sure that your first big breath after the move will be healthy and pure.

We’d love to make your home green and clean for you. How divine.


Furniture-RehabThe Furniture Rehab

Don’t ditch it. Fix it!

Table overdosed on water stains? Sofa overindulged in the sun? Chair craving a new color?

Furniture RehabWhether your furniture seems to be on its last legs or just needs some TLC, we’ve partnered with A &G Finishing to help restore your furniture back to good health. Their furniture restoration specialists can treat even the worst of diagnoses and always carry out the best course of treatment. Your furniture will be discharged free of any ailments and ready to make your new home beautiful.

This service gives furniture a new life for a new home, and it’s pretty earth-friendly, too. Rather than having to say “No! No! No! Not in my new house!” and sending your furniture to a landfill, send it to rehab.


icon-Real-Estate-ManagerThe Pampered Property

Sprinkle your home with fairy dust.

Put down the mop. It’s time to hand over chores to the pros. Need your sparkling new kitchen stocked before you move in? Can’t seem to find a gardener to bring your grounds to life? The plumber is scheduled but you can’t be there? Just ring and Heritage Estate Management will be at your doorstep to handle whatever your home needs. Cinderella never had it so good. 


Heritage Estates experienced pros will be at your beck and call to provide their white-glove estate management services. They’ll treat your home like it was born with a silver spoon in its mouth, monitoring every square inch and managing all aspects of your property. From managing staff & service providers, to stocking your master bath with bath salts, they handle any detail desired. You’ll feel like your home is your palace being served to you on a silver tray. Fairy tales do come true.

The-Connected-ConciergeThe Connected Concierge


Now you have connections!


Setting up a new home takes a lot of time and energy, so wouldn’t you rather have some extra muscle? That’s why we’re outfitting you with a personal concierge who does all that pesky research and calling for you. All the best of the best home service providers will be served up on a silver platter and tailored to your needs without you lifting a finger.


Connected ConciergeWe’ve partnered with Kandela, a free (yes, it’s free!) concierge service that will help you compare pricing and service options, activate services, schedule installation times, and assist you in every possible way to bring your new home to life. From setting up TV service and a home security system to arranging bottled water delivery and magazine subscriptions, their team will handle all the details while you deal with more important things. Unfortunately, they can’t set you up with basic utilities (like gas and electric) but they can get you pointed in the right direction. Moving just got a whole lot easier.


Need someone to sit and wait for the provider to show up for the installation? We’ve got that covered, too! See The Busy Bee package.


Can’t figure out where that blue wire goes? Put down the cables, and check out The Steve-tini package.




the-green-thumbThe Green Thumb


For when everything isn’t coming up roses…


Fighting off an invasion of garden gnomes and weeds? It’s time to go from brown to bloom. Get that old house some much needed curb appeal or that new home a fresh, rosy start with The Green Thumb luxury package. NorthStar Moving has teamed up with Flores Artscape to assist you with all your landscaping needs.  Even if your own thumbs aren’t green, our landscaping pros can make you sing: “Mary, Mary, quite contrary, how does your garden grow? With silver bells, and cockle shells. And pretty maids all in a row.”

Garden gnomeFlores Landscaping’s team of artists work with each homeowner to create the perfect setting for their home. Their pros use the latest computer design technology to provide a three-dimensional approach to real life scenery. The homeowner is able to see every single angle of the finished artscape design before it is built. To bring the dream landscape to life, they offer hardscape services such as patios, driveways, and waterfalls, as well as softscape services such as irrigation, planting, and sod installation. They do it all.

Whether your garden is a fairy tale or a nightmare,  a little professional green T.L.C. will bring harmony to your home. After all the work you put into the interior of your home, the last thing you need to do is to find your packed shovel and get down on your hands and knees to tackle the exterior. Let our landscaping pros dig, plant, and prune to perfection. All you need to do is stop and smell the flowers.


The Billy Goat IconThe Billy Goat

Because sometimes an e-scapegoat is clearly just what you need.

Once upon a time, there were three Billy Goats Gruff who wanted to cross a bridge guarded by an angry troll. Today, the angry troll has been replaced by an equally threatening evil – wild California brush fires.  And once again, the Billy Goats have devised an ingenious plan to conquer evil. Yep, they’ll gobble it up!

Grazing GoatNorthStar Moving has teamed up with ELM Goats to protect your home from brush fires. ELM will deliver a herd of as many goats as needed (for example, if you’re clearing the north 40 acres, they can bring you hundreds of goats) to eat away at large sections of dry grass, weeds and thistles, as well as provide any added services necessary to take care of anything that is flammable. Goats are clean, quiet and the eco-friendly option for clearing land. Clear land means no fuel for fires. Hurrah! So, why not let these crusader goats eat your snarly, wild dried brush? Like every fairy tale, they’ll leave you with a happy ending. No need to hear angry trolls, crackling fires and fire trucks. Instead, you might even hear the sweet sounds of goat bells and find yourself yodeling. Go ahead, and channel your inner Heidi.


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