Volunteering in Honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Martin Luther King Day, Jr. Day is right around the corner! There’s no better way to honor Martin Luther King, Jr. than volunteering in your community. Los Angeles has numerous organizations dedicated to worthy causes. You can make a positive contribution to your community, just as Martin… Read More

A Fun and Free LA Summer!

Some people call Los Angeles a cultural wasteland, but they couldn’t be more wrong. LA is THE place to be in the summer! Now that I’ve got a few weeks off to go exploring in this great city, I’ve decided to make a list of my LA summer favorite things to do. Trouble is I’m short on cash. But never fear! LA summer doesn’t have to be expensive. Grab your sunglasses, and check out how to spend a fabulous LA summer having tons of fun without spending lots of Read More

Have a Los Angeles New Year!

New Years is so exciting! I love being with my friends and family watching the ball in New York City drop. I also love doing something out of the ordinary whether it’s celebrating at my house or going somewhere like Disneyland! Life here in southern California offers great opportunity for having fun, and there’s nothing like New Year’s to bring out the celebration and bring everyone out of their homes to party together. With all the abundance all around it was hard to Read More