Save Water with Drought Resistant Landscaping

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pavers for drought resistant landscapingUnless you’re watching a classic western movie, the brown grass, dusty sidewalks and short showers can only mean one thing, we’re in a drought! New water conservation regulations in California aim to reduce water usage by 20 percent. Regulations limit any outdoor watering of landscapes to only two days per week. Some districts are even offering property owners $1 for every square foot of grass they replace with drought resistant landscaping through the Cash for Grass Rebate Program. Whether you’re trying to earn some cash, save water or just save time, drought resistant landscaping will turn your garden into an oasis year round.

Drought Resistant Landscaping Design Decisions

Shaded area for restingDrought resistant landscaping begins with a little bit of planning. Start by considering your terrain, patio uses, privacy and drainage. You can designate shady areas for dining, entertaining or play areas. Choose appropriate ground cover and use different materials to define different uses for each zone. Draw on the architecture of your home to create interesting visual connections. This is where your drought resistant landscaping can get creative!

Some ground cover options for drought resistant landscaping include:

  • Pavers
  • Pea gravel
  • Un-grouted stepping-stones
  • Concrete
Lavender is a drought friendly plant
More Lavender by [Duncan] (CC BY 2.0)

What will grow in drought resistant landscaping?

Next choose appropriate drought resistant plants and group them according to their water needs. Not all drought resistant plants are alike, so be mindful of their needs and their native environments. Drought resistant landscaping doesn’t necessarily have to look like a desert. Many native grasses and flowers are lush and green such as lavender, Texas blue grass or red fountain grass. You can also plant some edible plants which thrive in hot temperatures and require less water, such as sweet potatoes, okra, peppers and lemon grass. Succulents are a drought resistant landscaping favorite, adding drama and color to your backyard.

Drought resistant landscaping is user friendly

Drought resistant landscaping will transform your garden into a beautiful oasis during drought season and save you lots of time and effort. Experiment with potted succulents or vegetable gardens to find the right spot or look in your garden. Your new paved paths and entertainment areas will create new opportunities for you to enjoy your drought resistant landscaping work year round. If you’re moving into a new home and need a little extra help getting your drought resistant landscaping ready in time for move in check out this helping hand with a green thumb. For more drought resistant landscaping check out Xeriscaping techniques.Dining area in a drought resistant garden

What’s growing in your drought resistant garden? Tell me about it in the comments section.