Get Moving Indoors for Game Night!

Monopoly Game Night

Monopoly by JD Hancock (CC BY 2.0)

Fall is soon to be in full flux and chilly weather will no longer be last year’s memory. Whether you’re trying to beat the heat right now or keep warm later in the year, there are plenty of ways to get moving without the leaving the house. Turn staying in into an opportunity to learn something new about your friends. Host a game night!

 Pajama Party!

Pajama Party Game Night
Pajama Pooch by Renee V (CC BY 2.0)

Take game night to the next level and turn it into a pajama party!  Roll up in your favorite pajamas and sleeping bag and let the games begin. Sleeping bags are the perfect accessory for game night because there are tons of games you can play with them. You can set up an obstacle course and see who can maneuver their way around it the best. Have a potato sack race, but instead of using potato sacks, use sleeping bags. For ultimate comfort, turn your pajama party into a onsie party!

Game on!

Game Night Monopoly
Monopoly by compujeramey (CC BY 2.0)

What’s a game night without board games? There are so many to choose from! Go the classic route and break out group favorites like Monopoly, Twister, Uno, and Yahztee. Get imaginative with games like Catchphrase, Jenga, Cranium, and Apples to Apples; up the ante and play on teams and give out mini prizes for each win. Grab a pen and paper and you’ve got a game of charades.

Crafts and Other Indoor Games

Game Night Crafting
Buttons by Pano e Papel (CC BY 2.0)

Think outside the box and get creative with crafting and indoor games. You can even make up your own game from household materials:

  •  Split the group up into teams
  • Give each team a paper bag
  • Have each team fill their paper bag with three household items
  • Afterwards have each team give their paper bag to another team
  • Then take a few minutes to create a skit using the items in the paper bags
  • Lastly present your skits to the group!

House of Cards

Poker Game Night
Playing Poker by Images_of_Money (CC BY 2.0)

Bring the casino home and host a poker tournament during your game night. Keep it cool with games like War, Spoons, and Egyptian Ratscrew. Have a laid back and simple game night with games like Go Fish or Old Maid. For more on other fun card games click here.

What are some of your favorite games to play for game night? Tell me about them in the comments section below!