Make Your Easter Green

Easter is coming! Do you have enough eggs? Craft plans? Ideas on how to make your celebration a little greener? If not, I’ve got your Easter greenery covered! Going green for Easter doesn’t mean sacrificing the fun. In fact, green Easter crafts and practices can actually make you have MORE fun this Easter! Get out your best bunny costume, and get moving (or hopping!) to a greener, more festive Easter!

Photo by: Kim Love
Photo by: Kim Love

Easter Decorations:

Decorations are one of the best parts of Easter! Try this string balloon egg cage that’s easy and makes a great gift or party favor for Easter.

You can also make fun papier mache Easter egg decorations with balloons, old newspaper, and some paint! Remember to dispose of all balloon waste safely. Naturally, you may still want some of the old fashioned real egg decorations…

Easter Eggs:

Dyeing Easter Eggs is a fun and creative tradition. The best part is, there’s no reason to give it up! Dye your eggs, just do it naturally, so that you can feel good about eating them after you’re done!

Photo by: Stiefen Schlingen
Photo by: Stiefen Schlingen

Check out this awesome article on how to make your own natural food dyes! One simple trick: use vegetable powders, not liquid, to get a darker, richer color! This article even tells you how to make vegetable powders yourself!

Easter Baskets:

By now, you know the drill: avoid environmentally unfriendly plastic baskets, load your wooden baskets with strips of newspaper or even real rolls of grass (as long as you plant them later!) or trimmings from the garden. This is a great video with tips on how to put together an Eco Easter Basket without spending a fortune!

Photo by: Andrew Storms
Photo by: Andrew Storms

You can even create an awesome forever Easter basket that you can re-use for many years to come. Don’t like baskets? Try these awesome origami Easter bunny baskets! Or, watch this video and learn how to make a cool origami Easter basket with handles!

Easter Treats:

We love candy. And if you want to fill your Easter basket with sweet Easter treats, always go organic, locally-sourced, and fair trade. But, your Easter basket doesn’t only have to hold candy! You can fill your Easter baskets with great eco-friendly treats like festive Easter clothing, homemade crafts, or small potted plants or seedlings to usher in spring the right way!

What ways will you be making your Easter green? Tell me about them in the Comments section!