Chag Sameach: How to Have a Green Passover

Seder plate by grongar (CC BY 2.0)

Passover is almost here! I can’t wait to sit around the table with my family and friends to share food, stories, and memories. Passover is a time of celebration and moderation, so why not extend that to our environment? This Passover, I’m keeping it green, and I want to share how I’m doing it with you. Here’s how we can all keep the earth in mind during our Passover celebrations this year:

Passover Cooking

Photo by Edsel Little
Photo by Edsel Little

Going green starts in the kitchen. When you’re shopping for your Passover meal, keep the following keywords in mind: locally-sourced, organic and fair trade. When possible, swap any meat with vegetarian options. If you really want a delicious meal, head to your local farmers’ market for an amazing spread of ingredients. Not only are you going green for Passover, but you’re supporting your community. An even better idea is to make your local source your backyard! Having a backyard garden can supply you with tons of Passover ingredients.

Didn’t quite finish that loaf of bread before the start of the Passover? Don’t toss it! You can either add it to your compost bin or make breadcrumbs and freeze them for use in your cooking after the holiday ends.

You can even make your Passover Seder plate sustainable! Instead of buying new ingredients every year, try out one of these fun ideas: a knitted Passover Seder plate pattern, a ceramic Passover Seder plate, a crochet Passover Seder plate.

Photo by slgckgc
Photo by slgckgc

Passover Decor

When it’s time for your Passover Seder, make sure to keep every aspect of your meal green. Beeswax or soy candles are a much greener option than paraffin candles. Opt for reusable rather than disposable dinnerware and silverware, and provide fabric napkins instead of paper ones. Make your centerpiece with beautiful potted plants rather than cut flowers. You can even have special potted plants that become the Passover plants!

For those of us traveling to a Seder, keep your travel green by carpooling and avoiding peak traffic hours. Both will save you gas!

How do you keep your Passover celebration green? Tell me all about it in the Comments section!