Moving to Boulder, Colorado

Boulder is a beautiful city, filled with some of the best things the state has to offer. From rugged terrains to full orchestras, this city has a bit of everything for everyone. If you’re moving there soon, or plan on moving there in the future read… Read More

Moving to Chicago

Chicago Bean sculpture

Chicago may be the Windy City, but there’s more to Chicago than just a strong breeze. This city is America’s hub for architecture, culture and comedy. If you’re moving to Chicago any time soon, make sure to check out why Chi-city is one of the… Read More

Get Moving with these Spring Recipes!

Recipe: Cod Fish

Spring is the perfect time to get moving! One of my favorite things about spring is the fresh food. I love heading to the Farmers Market and picking up new ingredients to try in my cooking. This year’s selection of goodies has been great so far.… Read More

Chag Sameach: How to Have a Green Passover

Passover is almost here! I can’t wait to sit around the table with my family and friends to share food, stories, and memories. Passover is a time of celebration and moderation, so why not extend that to our environment? This Passover, I’m keeping it green, and I want to share how I’m doing it with you. Here’s how we can all keep the earth in mind during our Passover celebrations this year: Read More

Moving from Farm to Table

Have you heard about farm to table? I just love farm to table restaurants. It’s this great green idea that’s been gaining popularity. Farm to table essentially means that the food on your table came from a specific local farm. It’s the direct relationship between a farm and a restaurant that lets you know what’s on your table is not only organic but local! That’s great for the environment and for your taste buds! Read More