Sacramento, CA: A Golden City

Sacramento, CA

Photo by Jirka Matousek

California truly is a golden state. We’ve got beaches, snowy mountains, deserts, forests, you name it! No wonder so many people get moving to California every year. It’s only fitting that such a great state has a great capital city, Sacramento. Sacramento is an awesome place to call home. Want to know why? Follow along as I shine the spotlight on California’s golden capital.

Work in Sacramento

Photo by TravelingOtter
Photo by TravelingOtter

Sacramento is a wonderful place to work. Many people work for the state government. The Sacramento area is also home to many technology companies, health care employers and two world-renowned universities, Sacramento State and UC Davis. Whether Sacramentans are governing the state or running one of the oldest art museums in the West, they love what they do.

Play in Sacramento

Old Sacramento
Photo by Jirka Matousek

When work is over, Sacramentans just want to have fun! There’s always a trendy restaurant or shop to visit in the Midtown area. Downtown houses the beautiful Capitol and fun places to hang out like the revamped R Street. The historic Old Town area is a treat for kids and wannabe time travelers. CalExpo in the Arden area of Sacramento is also home to the California State Fair in the summer, a water park and other various attractions. There are too many things to list!

Photo by Jerry Huddleston
Photo by Jerry Huddleston

Sports fanatics will feel right at home in Sacramento. The city’s NBA team, the Sacramento Kings, is in the process of getting an impressive new Downtown Arena. Sacramentans cheer on their minor league baseball team, the River Cats, many nights during the spring and summer. Major League Baseball fans can hop over to San Francisco to see the SF Giants. Sacramento also just welcomed a new professional soccer team. You don’t want to miss a Sacramento Republic FC game!

Go Green in Sacramento

Photo by NorthStarMoving
Photo by NorthStar Moving

Like to be eco-friendly? Sacramento is a great place for you! With local farmers’ markets throughout the week, green businesses and a comprehensive public transportation system, you can breathe easy in Sactown.

Get your nature fix in this “City of Trees.” As you walk through the Downtown area, you’ll be greeted by the urban forest and many city parks. The American River and Sacramento River offer opportunities for boating, swimming, rafting and fishing. There are also many bike trails throughout the area. You can even bike over to the neighboring city of Davis, the Bike Capital of the US!

Do you live in or have you been to Sacramento? Tell me what you love about this city in the Comments section!