Get Moving Throughout California!

California Arcata

California is the third largest state, so it only makes sense that you’d find so much to do here. From the redwoods to the beaches, we have it all. From well known landmarks to the little known treasures, discover how you can get moving in sunny California! Get… Read More

Sacramento, CA: A Golden City

Sacramento, CA

California truly is a golden state. We’ve got beaches, snowy mountains, deserts, forests, you name it! No wonder so many people get moving to California every year. It’s only fitting that such a great state has a great capital city, Sacramento. Sacramento is an awesome… Read More

Get Moving to California National Parks

I love being green and exploring nature in California National Parks. Did you know that August 25 is the National Park Service Birthday? That means that on August 25, entrance to all California national parks is FREE! (September 28 is another free California National Parks day to put on your calendar.) Because I’m usually moving around in the city every day, moving around in one of our California national parks always feels special. Read More