New Year, New You: Eating Happy, Healthy Food

Fruit and veggies by jeffwilcox (CC BY 2.0)

Happy January! While everyone is still in the resolutions spirit, I thought I’d share some great nutrition ideas. Everyone wants to be healthy, right? Being healthy is more than taking vitamins and going to the gym; it’s about food, too! A healthy lifestyle starts with healthy food. So, let’s make this easy. Here are three simple ways to keep your resolutions and stick to a nutritional, healthy diet:

Photo by: l. e. o.
Photo by: l. e. o.

1. Buy Local

There are a number of healthy benefits to purchasing fruits and veggies that are locally grown. They’re just so fresh and nutritious!

Look for farmers’ markets close to home where farmers sell their healthy products directly to you. There is no middleman, so the food is as fresh as it gets. LocalHarvest has a directory of farmer’s markets in your area. In addition, shopping locally supports your community. Use the farmers market as an excuse for a family outing, and in the process, pick up a few healthy treats that everyone can enjoy!

Photo by:  ianmalcm
Photo by: ianmalcm

2. Buy Seasonal

Make some tasty, healthy dishes with winter and year-round fruits and veggies.  A few of the delicious, healthy fruits and veggies that are currently in season include various types of squash, oranges, tangerines, sweet potatoes, grapefruit, and kale.  So, warm up with a healthy bowl of homemade butternut squash soup this season. Want to know more about seasonal healthy eats? Check out this this list.

Photo by:  Darwin Bell
Photo by: Darwin Bell

3. Buy Organic

Shopping for organic fruits and veggies decreases soil pollution. Poisons in non-organic farming pollute our bodies and drinking water. Support a healthy environment and your own personal health by choosing to eat organic produce. Search for organic labels on all types of foods when shopping.

How are you eating healthy in the new year? Tell me about it in the Comments section below!