Full Service Storage for the things you love

NorthStar Moving full service storage

Do you need more space? We have space for all the things you love. Our Full Service Storage is the one-stop-shop you need for a stress-free moving & storage experience. Full service storage is only available in our California locations. Learn how our full service storage will save you time and money.

NorthStar Moving makes the complicated easy. 

Moving is complicated enough as it is. When you add trying to find a safe storage facility, calculating the time and space you’ll need, lengthy contracts, organizing pick and delivery of your storage, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. By having us  store your belongings, it not only minimizes your stress, it also means you only have to make one phone call; we will take care of the rest.

Whether you’re moving locally or long distance; or if you’re remodeling, decluttering, or selling your home, let us take care of all your storage needs. As a full service moving and storage company we can take care of everything or you can pack and we’ll do the pickup.

Why is full service storage the stress-free solution?  

  • You’ll only pay for the space you actually use, that saves you money!
  • Your items are stored in our secure eco-friendly facility
  • We will wrap and protect your items for you. And, they’ll stay wrapped and protected while they are in storage.  
  • You’ll get an inventory of all your furniture and the number of boxes in storage. 
  • Even if you’re moving a long distance, we can keep your belongings safe until you’re ready for delivery. 
  • Not sure how long you’ll need storage? No problem, you can pay month to month. For as long, or, as little as you need. 
  • If you need something from your storage, just call us and we’ll schedule your access. If you need to frequently use some of your belongings, consider putting just those items into a small self storage facility. That way you can access them on your own. 
  • No matter where you are you can manage your storage, without having to come to our storage facility. Our movers take care of everything for you. 
  • We’re happy to work with your budget.

It’s not easy being away from your things, but our full service storage will keep you and your belongings happy. They’ll be stored safely and efficiently, while you enjoy that extra breathing room. To learn more give us a call (800)ASK-PROS.