DIY: Upcycle Eco-Bubble & Cardboard into Art

Finished moving? If so, I am sure you’re wondering what to do with all those leftover cardboard boxes and eco-bubble! UPCYCLE!! There are so many ways to upcycle materials into works of art. Think back to when you were a child and wanted something to play with; if you were like me, you probably made things using upcycle techniques for cardboard boxes. In fact, this chain below is made out of only cardboard! How neat is that? Read More

Welcome Summer Moving Sunshine In!

Summer moving is the most popular season for moving homes. Here in California, summer means lots of sunshine  and family beach days! We at NorthStar Moving® love summer moving and the moving that  sunshine into your home! Summer moving is the best time for Moving Happiness Home™ and moving some fun indoors. These décor trend tips are here to help you summer-ize your home. Start your summer moving by moving all of your heavy blankets into Read More