A Festive New Home For Fall

Home For Fall

Festive Fall decor sets your new home up for the upcoming holiday season.

Moving into a new home is an exciting venture, especially during the Fall season. This is a fantastic time to decorate your new abode with a warm, cozy feel. No doubt setting your home up for Fall will carry you and your family through the upcoming holiday season.

Natural Elements

Home For FallFall offers plenty of eco-friendly, organic decorating opportunities. Take a walk outside. Bright leaves and branches offer beautiful colors. Arrange in vases and place them around your house. They can also decorate your mantel. If you are lucky to have an oak tree in your neighborhood, gather some acorns and display them in a glass container. A bowl of pine cones and some cinnamon sticks add fall fragrance to any room.

Pops of Unexpected Color

Earthy colors such as oranges, reds, browns, and yellows remind us of Fall. However, think about pairing those warm colors with contrasting cool blues, greens and pinks. Cool colors make warm tones pop. Arrange orange, red, yellow dried leaves in a bright blue or green vase.  Place some vibrant pink flowers with a pumpkin and gourd. Dare to showcase a fresh, new Fall color scheme. A fresh coat of rich, blue-green paint applied to a door or accent wall also accomplishes this look. 

Pumpkins and Gourds

Home For FallPumpkins are a clear-cut decorating choice for your home for Fall. Mix in some interesting options such as gourds, dried flowers and leaves to create an eye-catching display. And little mini pumpkins are a cute contrast to their larger versions, whether placed on a mantel, bookshelves or dining table. For a more modern twist, paint them white, gold, black or blue. Or cover in glue and roll in some shimmering glitter.  

Give Plaids a Try

Plaids have come back and give your new home a fabulous, warm feeling for everyone to enjoy.  Couches and armchairs sporting neutral-colored plaids are a new popular trend. If purchasing a new couch (or reupholstering) is not in your budget, try incorporating the plaid look with pillows or throws placed strategically across your existing furniture. 

Opt for Rustic

Fall brings to mind rustic elements, and what is more rustic than wood? Consider the charm of real wood planks (shiplap) installed on an accent wall. For something less labor-intensive, place wooden bowls and serving trays filled with natural, organic elements (such as nuts, leaves, rocks, etc.), around your new home. Let your imagination run rustic.

Copper Elements

Fall is the time to take out the copper trays, tins, pots, pans, coffee pots or any item with that warm glow that copper brings to the (dinner, coffee or side) table. It’s an elegant addition and tempers the rustic with a bit of classical beauty. 

Grapevine Wreaths

A simple grapevine wreath inspires feelings of Fall. Unadorned or decorated, you can’t go wrong. Get out your glue gun and try your hand at some easy DIY. Add artificial elements such as Fall flowers, leaves, fruit (such as figs) and berries. Then incorporate real walnuts and a few pine sprigs. Dried orange peel, cinnamon sticks and pine cones produce wonderful scents for this craft project.

Fall Into Fun

Some of the freshest design ideas come from pairing contrasting elements together. Take time to discover the many options when playing with colors, patterns and textures. Try placing a smooth pumpkin beside a very rough wicker basket filled with dried Fall foliage. Experiment with chunky, cable knit throw blankets and faux fur throw pillows. Layer different patterned cloths for table and window coverings. Mix and match until you find what you like. Just remember to have fun as you liven up your new home for Fall.

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Kiley Morrow, Guest Contributor

Born on the tropical Caribbean island that is Saint Lucia, Kiley Morrow has a never-ending source of inspiration. For the last 15 years, Kylie has worked with various newspapers, magazines and blogs.

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