Raising Chickens In An Urban Home

Raising Chickens In An Urban Home

Raising chickens in backyards is a growing trend in the past few years. Chickens are no longer limited to farms and rural homes. It is not uncommon for residents of urban areas to now own chickens. The idea of fresh eggs and natural pest control… Read More

Get Ready for School!

School supplies

Fall is just around the corner. I can’t wait for school to start again! I bet you’re all excited to be getting back too. There’s plenty that needs to be prepped, but I don’t mind, because starting a new school year is always so much… Read More

Creating Your Own Compost

Looking for a way to bring life into your garden? Create your own compost garden! Composting is natural way to get rid of kitchen waste, and it’s a natural way to enrich your soil! Composting is easy to do, free to make, and lots of fun! Not only that it helps out the environment by reducing landfill waste! So let’s get composting!

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