Moving Mumbo Jumbo Made Easy: Moving Terms Part 2

Knowing is half the battle. So when it comes to moving, knowledge and understanding moving terms is power. (Check out part 1 if you missed it!) Empower yourself, equipped with some moving terms under your belt will make your moving company search a lot easier!  Along with researching, understanding just what you’re paying for makes moving easier. Often times, if you ask your moving associate will try to explain to you what the moving terms means, but Read More

Moving Mumbo Jumbo made easy: Moving Terms Part 1

I don’t know about you, but sometimes when I hear moving terms it all just sounds like a bunch of moving mumbo jumbo! What’s so important about them? You’d be surprised! Moving terms are an important part of choosing the right moving company. Really listen when a moving associate explains how much your move will cost and what exactly you’re being charged. A smart mover is an informed mover! If you still don’t understand, no worries, because that’s where Read More

Biodegradable Eco Bubble!

Pop! Snap! It’s here! BIODEGRADABLE bubble!

You know the best part of moving day is playing with the leftover bubble! But did you know that regular bubble can take hundreds of years to decompose? Even if all the bubbles are popped! So as a green eco-friendly moving company, my friends at Read More

Tweet Some Happiness Into Your Day!

MovingPro's Zippy Greene™My brother always dreamed of being a superhero.  I used to think it was because he liked wearing costumes but turns out he genuinely likes helping people. His dream came true when he became @northstarmoving on twitter offering friendly advice as a moving and storage professional. His mission: help make someone’s moving day a little brighter. 10,685 tweets later he has more than a few stories Read More

Saving Money on Your Move

NorthStar Moving® is all about getting the best value for your money! We understand that moving a home can become an expensive task very quickly. People often say they want to go with whatever moving company is the cheapest. But overall, the cheapest could end… Read More