Biodegradable Eco Bubble!

pop addiction by paloetic (CC BY 2.0)

Pop! Snap! It’s here! BIODEGRADABLE bubble!

You know the best part of moving day is playing with the leftover bubble! But did you know that regular bubble can take hundreds of years to decompose? Even if all the bubbles are popped! So as a green eco-friendly moving company, my friends at NorthStar Moving® and I went on a search for a greener kind of bubble, and we FOUND IT!

NorthStar Moving mover with biodegradable bubble wrap
NorthStar Moving® team member Raul with a roll from the brand new shipment of biodegradable bubble wrap

This biodegradable eco bubble is just as bubbly, just as poppy, and just as shiny, except, it’s GREEN! When the new packing materials arrived, the biodegradable bubble wrap glowed in translucent green wonderfulness! Unlike the old bubble, this green eco bubble from Polycell does not last forever. Following your moving day, after you’ve popped all the bubbles, this eco-friendly material can be discarded with the peace of mind that comes from knowing it will degrade, crack and finally breakdown into smaller pieces with the aid of UV light, oxygen and or heat thanks to its unique ‘Reverte’ Oxo-biodegradable additives. These smaller pieces can then be ingested by microorganisms within the landfill and will finally biodegrade into CO2 & H20 plus biomass.

Yes! biodegradable bubble has arrived!

Yep, the first thing I did after the new biodegradable bubble wrap arrives was to play and have fun with it

Snap Green with stacks of biodegradable bubble wrap

Then I kinda remembered that I am a big, cool girl

NorthStar Moving Blog's Snap Green telling the world about the company's new biodegradable earth friendly eco bubble

…who doesn’t care about acting all cool, I just want to tell the whole world how awesome our new biodegradable green eco bubble is!

Our green eco bubble fits right into our green moving family, right alongside our recyclable moving boxes, recycled packing paper, weigh scale, and bio-diesel trucks.
NorthStar Moving® and I are soooo happy to help protect the environment one bubble at a time! Make sure to ask your moving company for eco-friendly moving materials. Even when moving we can do our part to help our planet here are 7 ways to a Green Move! We’d also love to hear how you recycle your bubble, share your ideas below.

NothStar Moving's Green Initiatives
Biodegradable Bubble, Recyclable Boxes & stationary, Trucks Running on Biodiesel, State Certified Scales. Just a few of NorthStar Moving®’s green initiatives