How to Spot Real Reviews When Searching for a Mover

Check reviews before choosing a moving company

Navigating the maze of online reviews can feel like a daunting task, especially when searching for a moving company. In the digital age, where reviews can be as misleading as they are helpful, discerning  real reviews from fake reviews is more crucial than ever. A recent article in the LA Times reported that Amazon had blocked more than 200 million suspected fake reviews and Google removed 115 million rule-breaking reviews from Maps in 2022. Although many companies proactively monitor their review platforms, unfortunately, the responsibility to make a discerning selection lies with the consumer. 

With over 25 years of experience in the moving industry and an unmatched record of legitimate 5-star reviews and A+ ratings, we’ve honed our skills to spot real reviews and understand how they  reflect the quality of genuine service. We are sharing our insider tips to help you identify authentic reviews  so you can navigate your way through the sea of moving testimonials. You’ll discover the secrets to distinguishing real reviews from the fabricated, and learn how to choose the best moving company for your move. 

Why do Real Reviews Matter? 

Check client reviews

When it comes to choosing a moving company, we all want 5 star service.  A good reputation usually means great service. Most review sites base their ratings on averages taken from all the customer reviews. Higher average ratings positively influence the overall score. Unfortunately, these ratings aren’t always reliable, as there are instances where less scrupulous companies resort to paying for positive reviews or even write their own favorable feedback. Deceptive marketing practices are also used by companies to damage competitors’ reputations. 

Rather than getting starry-eyed and too focused  on the number of stars, it’s important to take the time to analyze a sampling of the reviews and their content. Look for other telling factors on the review site profile to help you discern if a moving company is trustworthy. 

How to Spot Real Reviews: 

Start with the review itself: Does it have specific details about the reviewer’s experience? Does it feature photos? Next verify the source: Check the reviewer’s profile and history. Does the reviewer have a photo? A full name? Have they reviewed other businesses in the same area? Or, are they reviewing business in random states? Do they have followers or friends? If you are using a site like Yelp you can get a sense if the reviewer is a genuine customer or a paid customer by looking at the user’s profile. Some review sites use “verified reviews” labels or tags which help you identify if the reviewer is a verified customer. 

Red Flags for Fake Reviews:

Reviews that use vague language, overly positive or negative tones and generic descriptions can be fake. Another telling sign is poor grammar or multiple spelling errors. If you read a review out loud and it doesn’t sound natural, it could be a fake. You can also tell a reviewer is paid if they are posting many reviews on different businesses all on the same date. A high percentage of only positive reviews or only negative reviews on a reviewer’s profile might also be a red flag. Look for any patterns that might stand out as you analyze a couple of the positive reviews and the users profiles. For example, if multiple reviewers reviewed the same moving company, the same locksmith and the same doctor, it is a tell-tale sign they are digital marketers and not genuine customers. 

Signs the Company is Legit. 

NorthStar Moving movers loading a moving truck

A reputable moving company cares what its clients are saying about them. Movers that take the time to respond to reviews, both positive and negative, can be a sign of the company’s quality of customer service. Take the time to examine the company’s website. Look for consistent branding and contact information as listed  on review sites. Check their presence on social media sites, like Instagram, Facebook or YouTube, to see if they have client’s posting reviews or video testimonials on these profiles. 

Look for Movers on Reputable Review Sites.

Word of mouth means a lot when it comes to choosing a moving company. However, some review sites are more reputable than others. Sites like the Better Business Bureau take measures to help maintain the integrity of customer reviews. For example the BBB requires consumers to provide their name and information to confirm the interaction and make it possible for the mover to respond or address any issues. Don’t rely on a single review site, it’s important to see what customers are saying across multiple reputable review sites. Checking multiple reputable sites will also help you verify if the company service is consistent. Be sure to verify the moving company’s license on this database. Although a company can have many locations, the logos, artwork, general information and some offers should be the same across all locations. 

Ask for more Proof of Excellent Service. 

Finally, 5 star reviews are great, but look for more proof that a mover is the right one for you. How can you check if a moving company’s reputation is the real deal? Do a little recon on their website or google. How many years have they been in business? Are they fully licensed and insured? Have they won any awards for their customer service? Have they been positively featured in any major press? Are they eco-friendly? Do they give back to the community? It’s important to weigh what a moving company’s clients are saying along with everything the moving company is  doing to make sure it is earning and maintaining its 5 star reputation. 

In conclusion, while reviews are a valuable resource, they can sometimes be misleading. It’s important for consumers to be vigilant and look beyond star ratings to the content and authenticity of the reviews. Ultimately, while 5-star ratings are appealing, it’s crucial that you find additional proof of excellent customer service like awards and years of loyal service. This comprehensive approach ensures that you select a mover not just based on reviews, but on their proven track record of reliability and excellence.spotting real reviews graphic

Key indicators of a real review:

  • Review uses specific details
  • No major grammar or spelling issues 
  • Reviewer has a verified profile
  • Reviewer has a consistent history of reviewing 
  • The mover has an active engagement with customer feedback 
  • The mover has a consistent online presence across various platforms