Moving to Bel-Air: Be the next Prince of Bel- Air

Bel Air by tkramer (CC BY-ND 2.0)

If you’re looking to move to a private and hidden area within a big city, moving to Bel-Air is for you. There was a reason why Will Smith, the Fresh Prince, began moving to Bel-Air from west Philadelphia. The street-smart teenager joined his respectable California family in Bel-Air alongside lavish mansions and winding roads. Moving to Bel-Air means beauty, privacy, and quiet. From its close proximity to UCLA to the famed Bel Air Country Club, moving to Bel-Air is an escape to a luxurious and private hamlet.

Of course people first thing that comes to mind when moving to Bel-Air are the private mansions. Celebrity homes and grand architecture are everywhere. From Elizabeth Taylor’s home to a Richard Dorman creation, moving to Bel-Air is a luxury event.

Bel-Air Country Club and Golf Course

The Bel-Air Country Club and Golf Course is centered in Bel-Air providing one of the most challenging and beautiful golf courses on the West Coast. Moving to Bel-Air Country Club, you’ll be in an exclusive club costing around $150 for 18 holes. Moving to Bel-Air Golf Course you’ll cross bridges connecting the course over a deep canyon. The course is scenic with an abundance of wildlife. Check the dress code before you get moving to Bel-Air Country Club and Golf Course.

 Moving to Bel-Air Country Club
The Bel-Air Country Club’s Entrance (Photo by OldOldLady of the Hills)

UCLA Japanese Garden

Moving to Bel-Air, you will find yourself visiting the Japanese Garden. Owned by  UCLA, the Japanese Garden covers one acre right next to campus. Mimicking the gardens in Kyoto, most items in the garden were assembled in Japan before moving to Bel- Air. After moving to Bel-Air, their designs have been reconstructed and sold to the University system. The Japanese Garden provides peace and tranquility and is open to the public.

 Moving to Bel-Air Garden
The key elements in the garden are water, stones, and plants (Photo by Alex C.)

American Jewish University

Bel-Air is known for being next to UCLA, but many people don’t know that Bel-Air is home to the American Jewish University. Located off of the 5, AJU, is one of the most innovative Jewish institutions in the country. AJU became famous in 1996 when it became the first independent rabbinical school west of the Mississippi. Moving to Bel-Air you can find Jewish culture and community. Or you can check out Bel-Air’s famed Presbyterian Church.

 Moving to Bel-Air AJU
A View of American Jewish University’s campus (Photo BotMultichill)

Hotel Bel-Air

If you can’t afford moving to Bel-Air or don’t live anywhere close to LA, consider staying at the Hotel Bel-Air. Moving to Bel-Air you’ll be at world famous Hotel Bel-Air nestled in the heart of the neighborhood with 12-acres of landscaped gardens. If that’s not enough, imagine moving to Bel-Air Hotel’s exclusive beautiful area only minutes from Beverly Hills, Century City, and Brentwood. Hollywood celebrities and world figures are frequently moving to Bel-Air Hotel.

 Moving to Bel-Air Hotel
The pool at the Bel-Air Hotel surrounded by rooms (Photo by Alan Light)

Getty View Park

Moving to Bel-Air mountaintops, the Getty View Park offers some of the best views of the city. After moving for a mile, you can have views of the Pacific Ocean, the Getty Center and the city of Los Angeles. Getty View Park is 300-acres wide and open to the public. What are you waiting for? Get moving to Bel-Air and view the city from its mountaintops and canyon bottoms!

 Moving Bel-Air mountains
A view of the Getty Center from Getty View Park (Photo by Theshibboleth)

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