Moving to Tarzana, CA

Southern California, residential neighborhood by La Citta Vita (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Tarzana, named for the character Tarzan in Edgar Rice Burrough’s stories Tarzan, is located in the San Fernando Valley. A bit more upscale that its surrounding neighborhoods, Tarzana is a great family oriented neighborhood.

With its prime location in Los Angeles, Tarzana is within an hour’s distance to Downtown Los Angeles and the west side with such cities like Beverly Hills and Westwood.

Aerial View of San Fernando Valley
A view of San Fernando Valley at night where Tarzana resides! Can you find Tarzana? (Photo by: dsearls)

One of the best benefits of moving to Tarzana is having Ventura Blvd as a main street. Ventura Blvd was once known as the mom and pop shops main street. Now this popular main street in Tarzana is lined with shops, delicious restaurants, and businesses.If you’re looking for some nightlife in Tarzana, you’ll find it on Ventura Blvd.

Ventura Blvd
(Photo by: auntylaurie)

On Ventura Blvd is the Tarzana Square Shopping Center, a local spot for residents of Tarzana. Not to mention, Tarzana is known for delicatessans and their Persian restaurants!

It seems everywhere you go in the San Fernando Valley, there is some sort of amazing country club, and Tarzana is no different! If you get the chance, try to join the El Caballero Country Club or the Braemar Country Club. Both are exclusive and provide great golf courses and family fun.

golf cart
Grab a golf cart and get moving to Tarzana! (Photo by: Hugo Pardo Kuklinski)

If golf isn’t for you, there’s also some awesome bike and hiking trails sure to get you moving to Tarzana. One such trail is the Caballero Canyon Trail. It’s a Tarzana hike that’ll give you a workout and really get you moving! This trail really takes you into nature, and the views are just breathtaking! So whether you’re biking or hiking, get moving to Tarzana.

hiking trail
If you don’t like the Caballero Canyon trail, try out different trails around Tarzana! (Photo by: tracie7779)

There is just so much you can do if you’re moving to Tarzana.