Happy Graduation! How to Have a Green Grad Party

Get those tassels moving, and throw those mortarboards in the air! Happy graduation, Class of 2014! All of us at NorthStar Moving wish you a very hearty congratulations on all your hard work and many accomplishments. You did it! And, you know what that means? It’s time to celebrate! Whether you’re hosting a graduation party yourself or just attending some graduation celebrations, check out these great ways to make your graduation party experience eco-friendly:

Photo by Joshua Rothhaas
Photo by Joshua Rothhaas

A Green Graduation: Gifts

Perhaps the best green graduation gift you can give is a gift to others! Donate to your grad’s favorite charity. Good feelings all around. Here are some of my favorite charities.

Another fun graduation gift would be the gift of green transportation! A bicycle, a bus pass or some cash to help pay for that voluntourism trip will be greatly appreciated by grads just moving into the world.

There are many other great green graduation gift ideas out there. Some that have caught my eye include green tech accessories and green home goods for that new postgrad apartment.

Photo by Ray Bouknight
Photo by Ray Bouknight

A Green Graduation: Food

Can’t have a graduation party without food! The easiest way to go green with your food is to cut out meat altogether. Vegetarian fare may sound boring, but it can be so good! These are a few vegetarian recipes I would have at my graduation party: green bean and cherry tomato salad, Greek-style quinoa burgers, spinach pasta, stuffed tomatoes, and, of course, some vegan chocolate cupcakes. Mmmm.

If you’re creative, try making these fun graduation mortarboard desserts from peanut butter cups, graham crackers, and a few other ingredients.

A Green Graduation: Party Games

A graduation party has to have some games, right? Get in the green spirit with some fun games just for graduates. Have a textbook swap! Tell your friends to bring their old textbooks that they don’t wish to keep anymore. Everyone that brings a book gets to take another one! You can also have an upcycling and papercraft station for all those old notes that you’re not going to keep. You could make everything from paper flowers to a woven basket.

A Green Graduation: General Party Tips

Photo by Tim Green
Photo by Tim Green

A green graduation party is sustainable in every possible way. That’s why you should pay attention to every detail of your graduation party. Avoid using styrofoam, plastic and paper where you could use something reusable. Cloth napkins, reusable silverware and dishware, reusable tablecloths, reusable decorations–these are all the smart choice for your green graduation party. If the sun is shining during your party, put up signs near the doors and windows reminding people to keep the AC in by keeping the doors and windows closed. Keep it green by encouraging your guests to carpool, bike, walk or take the bus to your graduation party.

Again, congrats on your graduation, Class of 2014! You did it! Are you going to or hosting a graduation party? Tell me about it in the Comments section!