Pop-arazzi: We Moved The Prime Minister of Israel!

israel jetPardon our squealing, but we’re pretty excited! You’d think we would be used to moving VIPs (Very Important People), but we still get starstruck! Maybe it has something to do with the extra security hoops we had to jump, or maybe it was the cloak of secrecy we operated under. Whatever the case, we were honored and humbled when we were asked to move Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

bags on tarmac

It all started on an airport tarmac–so mysterious, right? We unloaded the prime minister’s jet and laid everything out on the tarmac. It took up a LOT of runway space. Like, really a LOT. Laid out, it more than spanned the length of the jet it all came out of!

dog PM tarmac snapshot

Then, our helpers carefully loaded everything into one of our big red trucks and drove it to a hotel (location confidential!). The prime minister’s security detail was always on the case, four-legged and otherwise!

hotel security hub

Don’t let this makeshift hallway security hub fool you! We had to be cleared by Prime Minister Netanyahu’s security detail and the American Secret Service before we booked the gig! Even the Hollywood Reporter was impressed. “Above and beyond” is just another day on the job over here!

All in all, we had a great day playing Secret Agent Mover! The trust placed in us by the prime minister–and his whole team–was truly an honor. I wish I could tell you more about the move, but everything else is, of course, strictly hush-hush. movers on tarmac