Solar Summer: How to Save Energy with the Summer Sun

Now that summer is here, let’s talk about some ways to make life greener! Summer means more energy being used for air conditioning and such, so it’s important to think of alternative energy sources like solar. Let’s talk about how to conserve this summer and incorporate solar power into your life! These things are so simple to do and will make a huge difference. Let’s get moving!

Solar Water Heaters & Skylights

Photo by:  Geoff Peters 604
Photo by: Geoff Peters 604

When it comes to the use of water heaters, we may not realize how much energy they eat up, not to mention money! Have no fear! Solar water heaters to the rescue. These solar energy savers are a great alternative to a regular water heater. They run by using the solar heat of the sun to warm water. Another cool solar product is this handy tubular daylight device that’s perfect for any room in your house with no windows. Its job is to reflect a tube of direct sunlight into your dark space. How neat is that!?

Photo by: HighTechDad
Photo by: HighTechDad

Solar-Powered Battery Chargers

These little portable solar panels are a great way to save lots of energy! They charge your cell phone, iPod and even your laptop! Who needs a normal charger now? I would much rather save energy with this solar battery charger instead! Not only are they great for home use, but they even work on the go!

Solar Landscape & Water Pumps

Now that the inside of your house is full of solar, let’s solar power your beautiful oasis. Investing in solar lights to put alongside the pathway of your home is perfect. These solar lights run on sunlight collected during the day. Who doesn’t want solar lights to light the way home? When it comes to water pumps, you can look into converting your fountains, pool heater or any other water feature into solar power. The possibilities are endless!

General Tips for Saving Energy

Photo by Alan Levine
Photo by Alan Levine

You can save energy without going completely solar. Do you spend a lot of time in the kitchen? If you still haven’t changed your stove to gas or propane, this is the perfect way to start saving! Gas stoves are more energy-efficient than electric ones.  When it comes to the lighting in your house, change incandescent light bulbs into more energy-efficient CFLs. Also, remember to use your large appliances during off-peak hours like nights and weekends to save money. Investing in an electric car is another way to save. You may even be eligible for a tax rebate!

Let’s get moving and make this world full of renewable solar energy! Tell me how you’re going solar in the Comments section!