DIY Moving Hacks

As moving day fast approaches and you start to take inventory of what you need to pack, it might start to seem as if your stuff is magically multiplying before your eyes. You may be asking yourself, “Where did all those pairs of shoes come from?” Before you start to lose it, consider some awesome moving hacks to make your moving day easier.

Top 10 moving hacks

1. Purge

You may have a piggy bank... by j.sanna (CC BY 2.0)
You may have a piggy bank… by j.sanna (CC BY 2.0)

Before moving stress makes your want to purge yourself, purge your closets. Before you start packing separate your items into three piles: Donations, trash and keep. Lightening your load before moving day is one of the most basic moving hacks in the book. Having trouble letting go? Have a yard sale or  a reverse housewarming, and let your friends do the decluttering for you!

2. Hang on

Moving hack: Use a wardrobe box for easy packing and unpacking
Moving hack: Use a wardrobe box for easy packing and unpacking

Instead of having to fold and pack every single piece of clothing in your closet, cut a hole through the sides of a large and sturdy box and hang a pole or pipe across to make your closet portable. Purchase great recyclable wardrobe boxes from your local moving company. Want to avoid boxes altogether? Take this  moving hack to another level by tying a rubber band around a stack of your hanging clothes and covering them with a large trash bag, these can be stacked horizontally in your car.

3. Untangled

Moving Hack: Keep your jewelry untangled.
Moving hack: Keep your jewelry untangled.

Keep your jewelry untangled when packing by inserting delicate or thin chains into straws. Use toilet paper rolls for larger necklaces and then simply cut the roll thru the top when you unpack. Now you’re being eco-friendly by recycling and moving savvy. These will keep necklaces or bracelets from becoming jumbled messes in your jewelry box during the move. Keep your most valuable jewelry close to you during moving day. This moving hack even works for travel packing. After moving day, display your jewelry creatively for a fun organization alternative.

4. Roll with it

Moving Hack: keep your cords separated and labeled during moving day.
Moving hack: keep your cords separated and labeled during moving day.

Too many extension cords? Moving hack to the rescue! If your computer, telephone and tv cords have become akin to a plate of spaghetti moving them may seem impossible. Use paper toilet rolls in a box to separate and label each cable. Roll the cable into an individual paper tube and keep them organized for easy transport.

5. Snap it before you unplug

electronics-infographicBefore you start to unplug your electronics take a picture of the set up. Make sure you take a picture that you can later use to set up your computer, printer and speakers back up after the move. Color coat connections with colored stickers corresponding to the cord and the connection. Moving hacks like this will save you time and a headache. 

6. Nuts and bolts

Moving hack: Don't go nuts, keep all over your pieces together.
Moving hack: Don’t go nuts, keep all over your pieces together.

As you start to take down your curtains or shelves, use individual clear baggies to keep all the lose parts accounted for. Label the bags that belong to a shelf or a curtain pole, etc. and keep all the related screws and bolts together. Use packing tape for the tiny pieces that can get lost easily. This step will help you when you are installing it back up in your new home.

7. Use what you have

Moving hack: Use kitchen items to protect others.
Moving hack: Use kitchen items to protect others.

The kitchen is a treasure trove of packing materials. Take a look around and find items that can be used to protect others. For example use plastic wrap to cover and secure your utensils in their organized tray. This moving hack keeps them clean and ready for transport. Also use oven mitts to protect your knives from cutting your other utensils or the moving box. Protect your dishes with padded placemats or foam plates. These moving hacks take multi-use to a whole other level.

8. Roll instead of lift

Moving hack: pack heaviest items in a rolling suit case. (image: via Flickr - Joseph Voves CC BY 2.0)
Moving hack: pack heaviest items in a rolling suit case. (image: via Flickr – Joseph Voves CC BY 2.0)

Use rolling suit cases for your heaviest items such as your books for easier transport. Packing books in boxes will create extra heaving boxes that can either hurt you or other items during the move. If you use your suitcases you can just roll those books into your new home. Don’t have enough suit cases? Use special book boxes that hold the weight and find out how to pack them.

9. Go Green

NorthStar Moving mover with biodegradable bubble wrap
Moving hack: Eco-bubble saves you time and saves the planet.

Some moving hacks will say using dirty newspapers to cover your dishes during moving day is eco-friendly, but actually this can result in you having to rewash all your dishes, which means wasting water, wasting soap, not to mention wasting time. Use a great materials like eco-bubble or clean linen cloths are a more green alternative. Try even using clean socks to cover and protect your cups or tea cups during a move. Find out more ideas on how to make your move greener.

10. Hire a pro

NorthStar Movers
Moving hack: Hire a mover that’s right for you.

When all is said and done, the best short cut of all moving hacks is just getting qualified professionals to do the moving for you. Some moving companies will even pack and unpack everything for you. Find out how to choose the right moving company for your moving day.

Found any great moving hacks of your own? I would love to hear about them, please share below.