Packing Videos

Ready to learn how to pack like a pro? Our professional movers have created some great videos to get you started:

Watch all of our packing videos here on YouTube.

Boxes 101

Using our specially designed boxes will help protect and secure your items during your move. We carry dishpaks, book boxes, medium boxes, large boxes, lamp boxes, mattress boxes, mirror boxes and wardrobe boxes, so we’ve got you covered.

Green Moving Supplies

We pride ourselves on using recyclable and biodegradable packing supplies for moving. All of our professional packers use eco-friendly boxes, recycled packing paper and biodegradable eco bubble. Our red trucks even run on biodiesel fuel, so when using our services you’ll be reducing your carbon footprint.

Recycled Boxes Program

NorthStar Moving offers discounts and money back when you use and recycle our moving boxes.

Packing Dishes in a Dish Pack

Here’s how to pack and move dishes without breaking them.

How To Properly Pack Wine Glasses

Knowledge in packing wine glasses is a must. Here is a video demonstrating how to safely pack your wine glasses.

Packing a Computer in a Dishpak

We’ve developed a method to help keep your computer safe.

Packing Pictures in a Dishpak

Pack framed pictures, picture frames, picture stands, trophies and miscellaneous awards in a dishpack using our method.

Packing a Book Box

Pack books, magazines, papers and files, kitchen utensils and small bathroom items in book boxes with these packing tips.

Packing a Medium Box

Pack clothes, linens, unbreakable toys and kitchen cookware in medium boxes.

Packing a Large Box

Pack clothes, linens, unbreakable toys and kitchen cookware in large boxes.

Packing a Mirror Box

Pack mirrors and large pieces of artwork in universal and large mirror boxes.

Packing a Wardrobe Box

Pack jackets, sweaters, dresses, suits, blouses, shirts, slacks, shoes, purses and hats in a wardrobe box.

Packing a Grand Piano

Pack a grand piano and ensure that it lives a long life in your new home.

Color Coding Computer Cords

Before packing a full desktop computer together in one dishpak, color code your computer cords.

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