People Who Move Us: Adam Lowy – The Founder Of Move For Hunger

If there is someone to be named “mover and shaker,” Adam Lowy has certainly earned the title. Life tends to move us like a leaf in the wind, many times we end up in places we never intended to be, yet more often than not, it happens to be exactly where we need to be. The same can be said for Move for Hunger Founder Adam Lowy. Adam Lowy Move For Hunger

Adam’s family has owned a moving company for almost a century. During his experience working for his family’s moving business Adam noticed an immense amount of non-perishable food being left behind and thrown away. And, throughout his travels across the U.S., Adam came to some very startling revelations about the tragic state of hunger — 1 in 6 children faces hunger in the United States. This sparked an idea for Adam, who at the time, had no intention of pursuing a career in his family’s longstanding business. However, after seeing how much food people throw out each year, especially when relocating, Adam realized that his involvement in the business could easily bridge a large gap, creating a sustainable solution to help feed thousands of families within the U.S. and Canada.

In 2009, Adam quit his job to start his nonprofit organization, Move For Hunger. Not only is he working with his family’s business, he has now teamed up with over 750 moving companies including NorthStar Moving Company. His idea of bringing the food drive into the homes of people on the move made collecting non-perishables a breeze, not only for the people moving, but for the local food banks as well. With less money spent on means of acquiring new donations of food, these food banks can now put that money towards feeding families in need. Each dollar saved provides up to a whopping 8 meals for these families.

LA Marathon 2017Within the last 8 years, Move for Hunger has collected over a staggering 8 million pounds of food administering almost 7 million meals to families throughout the U.S. and Canada. Move for Hunger is constantly coming up with innovative ideas on where to collect food. Move for Hunger currently receives unused food from homes, businesses and colleges/universities. Back in 2014, Adam fortuitously concluded that road races were the next vehicle to attain larger amounts of donations. In fact, NorthStar Moving Company partnered with Move for Hunger to ensure food at this year’s Los Angeles Marathon was not wasted. NorthStar Moving gathered 4,860 pounds of leftover food from the LA marathon and delivered it to a local food bank to help feed hungry neighbors in the greater Los Angeles community.

And, in 3 short years, their “Team Move for Hunger” runners have grown from 5 runners to 200+, running a combined total of over 2,500 miles and raising an astonishing $75,000 in 2016. Since then, Move for Hunger has been working with numerous high profile events, gathering 528,000 lbs of food.

Adam’s initiative and drive shows that by each of us doing our small part, we can create massive positive change. Want to know how you can join Adam in his movement against hunger? Check out the Move for Hunger website for more info.