Let’s Send Hunger Packing! June 2019

Lets Send Hunger Packing!

Did you know that many kids go hungry during the summer months when school is out and they lose access to daily school-sponsored meals?

According to the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank, “During the school year, children from food-insecure families can receive as many as 10 meals a week at school and another five meals at an after school program. During the summer, those meals are no longer available to most children. In fact, 5 of 6 children who receive free or reduced-price food at school do NOT receive free meals during the summer. For a parent of two school-age children, replacing these meals for the nine-week LAUSD summer break can cost more than $700. Yet CalFresh benefits, for those who receive them, don’t increase during the summer.”

NorthStar Moving is on a mission to make a dent in this problem through our summer Let’s Send Hunger Packing! food drives. Over the past six years, we have collected food and raised monetary donations to provide approximately 61,400 meals to feed hungry children of Los Angeles County and Orange County.

As our next Let’s Send Hunger Packing! food drive begins on June 3, we are thankful to the organizations supporting us this year including Groundwork Coffee, Berkshire Hathaway’s Pacific Palisades office, NAWBO-LA and the Office of Los Angeles Mayor Gil Garcetti. We are inspired by the nonprofit organizations Move For Hunger and Los Angeles Regional Food Bank that both work tirelessly to feed the hungry. We also ask for your crucial assistance.

Just load up on these facts:

Let's Send Hunger Packing!

  • 1 out of 4 children in Los Angeles County will go to bed hungry.

 • For every $1 donated, food banks can distribute $5 worth of food.

 • It only takes $5 to feed a child for one day.

So are you ready to make a positive impact in your community and help kids struggling with not having enough to eat? Then join our 2019 food drive and Let’s Send Hunger Packing!

Donations to the Let’s Send Hunger Packing! food drive can be made through June 24th, 2019. There are several opportunities to make a moving difference: 

#1 – Pick Up: Let Us Move You In and Move Hunger Out!

Are you moving soon? We can make it easy to donate all your unwanted, unopened, non-perishable food items and other goods to the food drive when you move with us.

  • Pack up any unwanted, unopened non-perishable foods and personal/household goods.
  • Be sure to mark those boxes “Food Donations – Deliver to Food Bank.”
  • Give your box of donations to your NorthStar Movers on your moving day.
  • NorthStar Movers will deliver your donated goods to the LA Regional Food Bank.
Let's Send Hunger Packing!

#2 – Drop Off: You “Can” Do It!

Not moving, but still have canned goods and other non-perishables to donate? You can drop off your donations at NorthStar Moving headquarters, various Groundwork Coffee locations, the Berkshire Hathaway’s Pacific Palisades office, and the lobby of Los Angeles City Hall.

Let's Send Hunger Packing!

Here is a list of some suggested items to donate to the food drive:

Let's Send Hunger Packing!

#3 – Donate Online: It’s Easy-Peasy!Let's Send Hunger Packing!

Monetary donations can be made directly to the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank through our Virtual Food Drive.

Together, We Can Move Hunger Out & Fill-Up Tummies.

Please Donate & Spread the Word About Our Food Drive.

Let’s Send Hunger Packing!