Reducing Long Distance Or Intrastate Move Expenses

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Most think that you have to spend a small fortune in order to relocate to a home a long distance away. This may be the case if you don’t prepare with enough time and/or pay close attention to what services you sign up for. Indeed, your long distance or intrastate move expenses could end up totaling quite a bit of money. There are ways, however, to reduce these relocation expenses to a manageable cost. Let’s take a look at what can be done in order to have a cost-effective relocation.

Preparing For Your Long Distance Or Intrastate Move

Reducing long distance or intrastate move expenses can boil down to when you start to prepare for your move and how well you do it. If it is a move with short notice, no matter how well you plan, it is bound to be expensive. However, if you start with plenty of time and conduct proper research, you might not only save money, but your move will also be much more efficient.

Ideally, start to prepare for long distance or intrastate move the moment you know that you need to relocate. There is no such thing as doing too much research regarding your move. The more information you gather, the more ways you will find to make your relocation a bit more affordable. At the end of the day, those bits will add up and can result in a noticeable reduction in your long distance or intrastate move expenses.

Hire The Right Moving Company

Research moving companies and compare quotes. (Image via Moving Experts US)

To be cost-effective, make it a priority to hire a professional and accredited moving company – not just the cheapest. If you choose is only between the cheapest of movers, you may run the risk of being provided with low-quality service – or being the victim of a scam. Having to deal with either of these circumstances will take up your precious time. It may even cost you more money in the long run. So do yourself a favor and search for movers that not only have reasonable prices for their services, but that also have a good reputation. Even when trying to reduce relocation expenses, you are much better off by hiring a highly-rated and reliable moving company a month or two before your long distance or intrastate move, rather than hiring the cheapest mover the week before.

Begin by searching online for local professional movers that offer both long distance and intrastate moving services. This is usually the best choice as it will take less time and fuel to relocate you rather than it would take a moving company further away. You can get a free quote online from almost any moving company, so don’t shy away from getting as many as possible. The more information you gather will enable you to better compare potential movers.

Besides Questions, Ask For Advice

Once you have decided on a moving company that you have verified is reliable and trustworthy, speak with a company representative and arrange for an onsite moving estimate. Some moving companies also may offer to do a video chat estimate. In either case, it should be a free service, with no obligation. It is also the opportunity to ask questions regarding your long distance or intrastate move, and get answers first-hand. You can even ask for advice and tips on how reduce relocation expenses. The estimator should be able to provide clear and concise answers, and explain the move process in detail. In the end, you should have the move professionally customized to meet your personal needs. You will also be presented with a written estimate of the cost of your move.

Self-packed boxes ready for pickup!

Save On Packing Expenses

Obtaining packing supplies and packing your own belongings are things you can do to save money on your relocation expenses. When it comes to long distance or intrastate moves though, you cannot afford to work with sub-par packing supplies. Keep in mind that your precious belongings have a long way to be transported. They also may be handled by various people. You will want to make sure that your packing supplies are sturdy, even when trying to reduce relocation expenses.

If you are concerned about the environment, you can use eco-bubble and boxes made of 100% recycled materials when packing your belongings. Some companies also offer good-quality used boxes at a discounted price. They may even let you return the boxes for an additional refund. You can go green and also save yourself some green.

Another affordable and eco-friendly option is to rent plastic crates and/or bins. Ideally, rent these containers from a company that has locations both in your current town and the town to which you are moving. That way you will not have to make a trip in order to return them.

When To Schedule Your Long Distance Or Intrastate Move

Time is money, especially when it comes to moving. The most affordable time to move is during late fall, winter, and early spring. The demand for movers is far less during these colder periods of the year, since it is easier to move during nice weather. The lesser the demand, the lower the price. By the same token, try to avoid scheduling your long distance or intrastate move on weekends. Moving companies tend to have less expensive rates during the weekdays – especially on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

In The End

On the move.

Working with a professional moving company should enable you to manage your relocation expenses for your long distance or intrastate move. Nevertheless, it is important to be aware of factors that can affect your relocation costs. Again, it will all depend on the moving company you have chosen and how your move is organized. Best to do your due diligence at the onset, so after it is all over and done, you can sit back and enjoy your new home.

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Lisa Roberts, Guest Contributor

Lisa Roberts is with US Moving Experts, a website created to answer relocation-related questions, with the goal to make moving projects stress and hassle-free.