People Who Move Us: Mary Magovern of Project Skincare

Project Skincare

Mary Magovern, founder of Project Skincare.

Mary Magovern is the 14-year-old founder of Project Skincare, a non-profit organization with the goal of making healthy skin accessible for all. Mary’s inspiration to create Project Skincare began a few summers ago. Working at her mom’s dermatological practice, she found an abundance of unused product samples from skincare companies and sales representatives. She decided to put them to use. During the COVID lockdown, Mary packaged up the hygiene essentials and delivered them to her elderly neighbors. And, her outreach continues to grow. 

The power of skincare.

Mary believes the best aspect of Project Skincare is helping people feel confident in their skin. Getting people to stick to a skincare routine in times of great need gives them stability. It hopefully relieves some stress. When people have confidence and stability, they can  focus on other parts of their lives.

The war in Ukraine gave Mary a new focus. She realized Project Skincare could help and send hygiene products to the Ukrainian refugees. They partnered with BStrong Foundation to get the products to the refugees.C

Mary realized the power of her organization. Her team’s hard work inspires her. They all come together to help others less fortunate and in great need. 

Remarkable accomplishments.

It was a significant milestone for Project Skincare when they sent the 500 hygiene kits to the Polish border for the Ukrainian refugees. The plan is to send another 500 kits soon. 

They also partner with Miry’s List, a non-profit organization that helps families who are resettling in the United States as refugees, and provided 32 skincare kits to be included in family welcome kits. 

Body care product manufacturing companies CeraVe, Cetaphil, and Eucerin donated 5,000 samples. Even more are expected to be collected in the future. 

There is a Target charitable registry where people can purchase products to be included in hygiene kits (over 100 products so far).

Through the donation platform, $2,000 has been raised from family, friends and neighbors. 

And, there are even more projects in the works for this high school sophomore. 

A labor of love.Project Skincare

Managing Project Skincare comes with its challenges. Most important is the need to generate donations, and then deciding how to allocate the funds. Mary jumps right into her work. Once at Target with her mom and sister buying two carts full of products to complete hygiene bags, they received some very funny looks. But after explaining what they were doing, everyone was supportive and wanted to help. 

Another challenge that Mary faces is balancing her school work, extracurricular activities, and Project Skincare. Mary has a lot of ideas she wants to implement. Mary juggles it all and still, magically, makes Project Skincare a success. 

Future dreams.Project Skincare

Mary wants to begin working with Ukrainian refugees relocated around Southern California. She’ll partner with Miry’s List as well as a local Rotary Club. Mary plans to have Project Skincare supply hygiene products for the new incoming families. 

Another goal is to start skincare education for those in need. Instructing people how to take care of skin problems, like acne and rashes. And, advising parents how to take care of their babies’ skin.

Project Skincare is on a mission to focus on making healthy skin available to everyone. And, we have no doubt that Mary will continue to have a big impact in our world. She certainly has inspired us.

Project Skincare

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