Full Service Storage: 3 Reasons It’s the Eco-Friendly Choice

NorthStar Moving Full Service Storage Vault

From electric cars to biodegradable straws, our everyday choices impact the environment. Does the type of storage service or facility we choose affect our planet too? Yes. The space, energy and materials consumed in our storage should be mindfully considered. What’s the most eco-friendly storage option? Is it self storage or full service storage? Here are three reasons why full-service storage is better for the environment than self-storage:

1. Full service storage facilities have a lower carbon footprint.

storage-units-logistic-centerNot only do self-storage facilities take up massive spaces, but most are made from materials that are damaging to the environment. Concrete and steel are the primary materials in most self-storage facilities. Together with aluminum, the three materials make up as much as 23% of global carbon emissions. Some self-service storage facilities open 24/7 and require continuous lighting, cooling, heating, and temperature control. All these also add up to huge annual carbon emissions.


In contrast, full service storage facilities make better use of their space. Instead of expanding their footprint, they make use of vertical space in their warehouse. The use of eco-friendly materials in construction, coupled with energy-efficient practices also drastically reduces their environmental impact.

By using less square feet and storing vertically they take up less land. For example, NorthStar Moving Storage Warehouse makes the best use of space by stacking storage units vertically. With no wasted space, clients also save money. NorthStar Moving eco-friendly storage facilities have also incorporated green features such as skylights and extra windows to provide natural light sources and eliminate unnecessary electrical use. Their warehouse has been well insulated to reduce the need for air conditioning and heating.

2. Full service storage facilities are more energy-efficient.

NorthStar Moving Full Service Storage Movers filling a storage vaultOftentimes, with self-service storage, customers pack and store their items into their spaces. This can result in wasted space. Some clients will also have to make many trips back and forth from their home to their storage space, wasting fuel and energy.

Increased energy efficiency is a direct benefit of efficient space utilization. Full-service storage facilities optimize their space utilization. For example, NorthStar Moving’s full service storage, uses storage vaults made of recyclable wood. The vaults are reusable. These vaults are then stacked vertically to make the most of their available space. Professional movers wrapping and protecting your belongings that go inside the wooden vaults, optimizing space while protecting your items for safe keeping. Barcodes and inventories allow our full-service storage team to keep track of your vaults and schedule access if needed.

3. Full service storage facilities use sustainable, eco-friendly packing materials.

NorthStar Moving eco-friendly moving boxesSelf-storage facilities do not provide eco-friendly packing materials. Packing and choice of materials are at the client’s discretion. Without the expert direction of professional packers or a moving team, self-storage clients often choose materials that do not properly protect their belongings or the environment.
In contrast,  NorthStar Moving offers to pack and transport your belongings for you, using eco-friendly packing materials made from recycled or biodegradable materials. Eco-friendly packing material saves natural resources such as trees, water and petroleum products that are used to make traditional packing materials. These eco-friendly materials are vital for the sustainability of the environment and for reducing carbon emissions worldwide.

Going green can save you green

Full service storage is not only the greener option, it also saves you money. By eliminating rows of storage rooms and hallways, you only get charged for the space you actually use. In addition, NorthStar Moving offers eco-friendly packing materials that can be sold back or reused, saving you money and reducing unnecessary waste. Recycling your moving boxes helps you work toward zero waste. By opting for full service storage, you not only ensure your belongings’’ protection but our planet’s protection. When choosing what kind of storage you want to use, consider the impact your storage choice will have on the environment and your wallet.

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Nicolle Portilla, Guest Contributor

Nicolle Portilla is RTS’s and Zero Waste’s Marketing Manager, and contributes to the RTS blog, which serves to educate clients and industry players about our technology and sustainability efforts. Prior to taking on the role of Marketing Manager, Nicolle served on the Sustainability team for nearly three years, assisting clients in achieving their sustainability goals through external communications and event organizing. Nicolle graduated from Stony Brook University in 2018 with a B.A. in Sustainability.