Moving in Style: Tips from Luxury Movers in Scottsdale

NorthStar Moving are luxury movers in Scottsdale take care of everything while you relax

What if you could spend your moving day relaxing by the pool while all the packing and organizing was done for you? Does this sound like your ultimate moving goal? Celebrities like Angelina Jolie and Eva Longoria have been using our luxury movers for years. Good News! You don’t have to be rich or famous to enjoy a relaxing move. You can make your move stress free by choosing a luxury moving company that knows service is in the details. Our luxury movers in Scottsdale are sharing their best tips to help make your next move more luxurious.

Hire a full service moving company

NorthStar Moving Truck outside of a home in Scottsdale ArizonaA full service moving company goes beyond just getting your belongings from point a to point b. Full service moving companies, like our luxury movers in Scottsdale, know that moving involves transplanting your life, family, pets and setting up a new home. In order to make the entire moving process easier, our full service movers have curated a wide range of services to care for every detail of your move. From packing and unpacking your entire home to finding  trustworthy experts to care for your new home, kids, pets and even your cars. With NorthStar Moving’s full service moving you can customize your move to fit your needs. Our team will work with you from the first phone call to the last moving box to make sure you have everything perfectly handled. Can you imagine setting up your entire move by just lifting your phone? Now, that’s luxurious. 

Let our luxury movers in Scottsdale do all of the Packing for you

Scottsdale Luxury movers packing up a mansion

Wish you could pack your entire home with the snap of your fingers? Our luxury movers in Scottsdale can take care of all your packing and unpacking needs. They also offer added services such as Photo Perfect Packing™: every shelf, cabinet, room layout, etc. is photographed prior to packing. Our movers use these photos to arrange everything in the new home to match the previous layout. You decide how much (or, how little) your movers will pack for you.

Protect your Artwork

NorthStar Moving packs and protects your artworkAre you moving any fine art? Our luxury movers in Scottsdale with expert care build custom crates for each piece of artwork. Our movers are experts. They will use the industry’s finest packing materials to protect your artwork. Whether it’s your Picasso or family photos, our luxury movers will go the extra mile to protect your precious pieces. If you’re moving your gallery, a production, or office, we’ll send you a team of movers that are trained for whatever type of move you’re making.

Treat Yourself to Luxury Services from our luxury movers in Scottsdale

NorthStar Moving luxury packages care for your pets too.We have partnered with leading service providers to ensure everyone in your family is taken care of on moving day. Need someone to watch the kids while you run errands? Want to find a new dog-walker in your new neighborhood? Need help safely transporting your car collection to your new garage? We’ve got you covered. Our luxury packages have been designed to cater to all of your moving needs. You can select which services fit your needs and then relish in a stress-free move.

Take Breaks and Practice Self-Care

Take a break in between packingThe greatest luxury is having plenty of time to plan and organize your move. Start planning early. Use our moving calendar to start organizing your move two months in advance. Take time to prepare for the move by decluttering your belongings and donating unwanted items to local charity organizations. Pack your home room by room, giving yourself plenty of time to rest in between. Remember your kitchen will be all packed before the move; plan ahead and enjoy meals out with friends and family during the moving process. Eating right, getting plenty of rest and being well prepared is the kind of luxury moving experience everyone can indulge in.

Ready to actually enjoy your next move? Instead of breaking a sweat, relax by the pool while our luxury movers in Scottsdale take care of everything for you. By choosing full services movers, packing services and luxury packages, you’ll feel like a star on your moving day.