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Home Organization IconTime to get your ducks in a row.

The MarthaThe Martha

Insider tips on marketing your home.

Sometimes you have to move before your place is sold. Showing an empty house doesn’t exactly make potential buyers feel like paying top dollar. For that, you’ll want them to see a magazine-worthy home. NorthStar Moving has teamed up with Michelle Minch from Moving Mountains Design to offer you The Martha package.

As winner of the Real Estate Staging Association Stager of the Year award, Michelle Minch and Moving Mountain Design offer the best professional home staging and interior design in the Los Angeles area.

They can make a new house into a new home. Now that’s a good thing. Actually, that’s two good things.



The Color Wheel

The right hue can make you feel like you.


Fan out the color deck, hang swatches, step back, try it in different light; selecting paint colors can be overwhelming! Your head is spinning from a rainbow of color options. What if I pick the wrong one? We’ve all been in a room that is just too yellow.  Don’t leave it to chance. No need to be a contestant on the “Wheel of Color.” Did you know choosing colors is actually a science? Take the guesswork out of color selection using The Science of Color. Through in-home color consults, learn how color impacts your emotions and which colors trigger your positive moods. The Science of Color uncovers your responses to colors, which are in your DNA. Our responses to color are as individual as we are. Using primal responses to color. The Science of Color creates a personalized home color palette, one that reflects your personal inner balance. Discover your true colors to truly feel at home.


The Balanced BuddhaThe Balanced Buddha

Chi Whiz!

The Balanced Buddha

It’s no longer an East versus West thing. Bill Gates, Steve Wynn, Madonna, Oprah, Julia Roberts, George Clooney, Dolly Parton, Sophia Loren, Gwyneth Paltrow, Cher and Richard Branson are all using Feng Shui to add balance to their surroundings.

NorthStar Moving has partnered with Feng Shui whiz Jennifer Bonetto of Real Feng Shui SOULutions to create the best living environment possible through the professional practice of classical Feng Shui.

The goal of Feng Shui is to situate the human-built environment in a way that best coincides with the place’s good energy. Following key principles, homes can be arranged to promote balance, harmony and proper energy flow. With proper adjustments and remedies, this may bring greater health, happiness and prosperity.

Go with the flow.

home-organizationThe Monica

Lost it? Get organized.

Real friends don’t let friends live in clutter. Get organized.
We all need to channel a little “Monica” and organization in our lives! NorthStar Moving and a team of professional organizers from Operation Organization are here to help with The Monica package.

Moving into a new home provides a unique opportunity to get organized once and for all. Since you’re going to be packing up everything you own anyway, professional organizers can sift and sort through everything you want to keep. They can even place your newly reduced belongings into perfectly packed boxes. When you move into your new home, you can start fresh with new systems and organizational strategies to keep things tidy, pleasing your inner Monica.

Whether you’re moving into an apartment with five loving but quirky friends, or moving to your dream house with Chandler, this is an opportunity to start with a fresh script. An organized home provides the perfect setting for more peace and calm, and allows you to spend more time on the important stuff with your family and friends.

The Mirror Image iconThe Mirror Image

After just got better. Wait, it’s the same as before.


Taking a photo of family photos packed for clientsWe will have you seeing double but without the chaotic reversed and upside down feeling that moving usually brings. There is no reason to experience that frantic search for your beloved fuzzy rabbit slippers or mad hatter’s hat.

Before any items are touched, you tell our team which of your belongings need to retain their identical layout in your new home. Then using our Photo Perfect Packing™ service, here comes the fun part: lights, camera, action! Before one teacup gets moved, we take snapshots of everything you would like packed, unpacked and carefully placed in precisely the same layout. Just sit back on the couch and tell your aspirin, hand cream and mouthwash to: “work it baby!” while they are photographed.

Polaroids of items packed for clientsOur team then properly packs up your things, transports them to your new home, and uses those selfies of your stuff to unpack them exactly how they were in your old home. See… you actually want to do a double take! A mirror image of your curiosity cabinet: your miniature clock collection and teacups displayed perfectly. You won’t feel like anything fell down the rabbit hole. Ahh, so photo perfect, everything is in its place. You can relax and enjoy your new home. This way of moving, won’t make you late for any important dates.

The-Wine-Cellar-IconThe Wine Cellar

Now your wine can age to perfection just like you.

Are you buried in boxes and worried about your bubbly? Moving fragile items is no picnic, but there’s no need to worry about shattering your Chardonnays or breaking your Bordeaux!

Don’t let Lucy and Ethel’s hard work crushing grapes go to waste.  You may have heard it through the grapevine that NorthStar Moving has partnered with Los Angeles Fine Arts & Wine Storage Company. They have been featured in Los Angeles Times and Wine Enthusiast Magazine. You can be sure that they’ll store your valued vinos and treasured tannins with care.

Your wine isn’t the only thing that receives star treatment. They make sure to personally escort each client to their storage room and offer wine tasting rooms for small tasting events. You can rest easy knowing that your wine will be doing the same. Soon you’ll be settled in to your new home, loving the wine you’re with and drinking to the good life with your perfectly aged Syrah. Cheers to that!


The Busy BeeThe Busy Bee

Honey? Are you stuck with too much to do?




Moving is one of the most stressful times in life. Your head is buzzing with everything you need to do. And, it’s not like you were just simply relaxing eating toast and honey before you decided to move. Now, you’re moving too! Your head is swarming with a million new to dos: from sorting out cupboards to changing addresses and transferring all the utilities, your to-do list can fill up quickly, and before you know it you’re reading an oh-oh-no list.

Bees on a honeycomb

That’s why we’ve partnered with The Help Company to get you out of this sticky situation. Your own moving personal assistant will buzz right through everything on your moving to-do list and on your regular ginormous to-do list. Whether it’s contacting and meeting all those utility companies, picking up your dry cleaning and doing everyday chores, a qualified personal assistant will be matched with you to fit your needs from A to ZZZZ.

Feel like a Queen while your part-time or full-time personal assistant buzzes through all the swarming calls and stinging to-dos before, after and during the move to your new hive. Your colony will surely shout: Long Live the Queen!


Treasure HunterThe Treasure Hunter


It’s worth W-H-A-T? Cha-Ching!

colorful records

The McMansion generation is downsizing and baby boomers are selling their parents’ estates. But where do you go to sell your bounty of booty? Modern-day Craig’s Lists aren’t worthy and traditional yard sales won’t bring in deserving loot.

Through our partnership with Abell Auction Co., we make moving and estate sales a one-step, seamless process to uncover your true riches.

Abell Auction will evaluate your auction items, remove them from your home, and deliver them safely to their warehouse where they will be stored and insured until auction. After auction day, Abell will send the check straight to you. Simplest treasure hunt ever!


Delivery Dry Cleaning

The Dapper Don

Don’t look like a bad decision, be the finished product.


New digs, new job, wrinkled suits…. No need to pull a Don Draper and get on the intercom to beckon an assistant to get your suits cleaned. It’s not the 1960s; in the modern world you can be The Dapper Don or Donna in your new hood with a click of a button.

grey-suits-on-hangerWashBox, the high-end locker based dry cleaning delivery service will have your suits ready for the board room pitch in hours. Simply download their app and schedule your pick-up and delivery steps from your door. WashBox provides pristinely pressed clothing with a modern eco-conscious approach, all managed from the palm of your hand. So cross that errand off your moving to-do list. With WashBox your wardrobe will be looking fit for Madison Avenue, and you’ll be singing Zou bisou bisou.


The AngelinaThe Rachel Zoe

Does this make me look fat and frumpy?


Keep avoiding that closet “Project?” Now that you’re moving, there’s no excuse not to tackle the closet cleanout. You don’t need to pack those clothes you’ll never wear again. Don’t know which clothes should stay or go? Do you think of those old clothes as your BFFs and can’t break-up all alone?

Moving to a new home means getting a fresh clean start. It’s time for that total make over. That’s why we’ve created The Rachel Zoe package in partnership with personal stylist Lauren Messiah. Lauren’s “Closet Cleanse” service, backed by TLC’s Stacy London, will inspect your closet before a move or she can help even after you’ve tried to squeeze all those clothes you never wear into your new closet.

male mannequin fashion

She’ll teach you “What Not to Wear,” help you decide what stays, what goes, what can be repaired and what will be donated or consigned. Lauren will work with you to make sure your closet has what it takes to have you looking your best.

With your own personal stylist in hand, stroll down Rodeo Drive looking like a Hollywood A-Lister; show up in your new look to that Friday night party fashionably late; and be ready to jet off to Paris to hit fashion week. Who knew your old high school sweater was the latest style? Maybe your makeover will start the newest fashion trend! Make sure your wardrobe includes a baseball cap and sunglasses so you can hide from the Paparazzi.


the-jack-o--lanternThe Jack-O’-Lantern

Because your house needs a costume, too.


Giant Pumpkin Red Barn Blue SkyDon’t be spooked by the time it takes to create your haunted home for trick-or-treaters! Let the pros deliver, untangle, decorate, take down, and store your Halloween decor.

Halloween-A-Go-Go is a boutique Los Angeles storage™ service that is as unique as you are. You tell your Go-Go-Pro™ exactly what services you need, and he will fly straight to your door on his broomstick (or his pick-up truck depending on if the full moon is out). Whether you need someone to inflate that 30-foot pumpkin for the front lawn or some help hanging spider webs and eerie orange lights, a Go-Go-Pro™ can get you go-go-going to create that perfectly frightful look. Once Halloween is over, your Go-Go-Pro™ can come back and take care of the take-down. Halloween-A-Go-Go can also take those ghouls back to NorthStar Moving’s storage facility, so they don’t haunt your garage.  

Here’s how Halloween-A-Go-Go can get you ready for your fright night:

  • Set-up – We take the trick out of trimming trees with terrifying ghosts
  • Take-down – It’s a treat to have someone else put the pumpkins in their place
  • Storage – Space for your spooky stuff
  • Deliver- We will bring you the ghouls, goblins and the rest of the gang. You can hang the ghastly creatures or we can make your haunted house as you bob for apples with Freddy and Faust.


The ElfThe Elf

Santa’s little helpers are here to help you.


Deck the halls, deck the door, what the heck, deck your entire home! Holiday decorations make the holidays festive. But, putting up decorations isn’t always so cheery.

Lights-A-Go-GoLights-A-Go-Go is a boutique Los Angeles storage™ service that is as unique as you are. You tell your Go-Go-Pro™ exactly what services you need, and he can guide his reindeer (or his pickup truck if Rudolph is tired) straight to your door. Whether you need someone to inflate that 30-foot tree for the front lawn or some help hanging those icicle lights, a Go-Go-Pro™ can get you go-go-going to create that jolly, joyful look. Once ‘tis not the season, your Go-Go-Pro™ can come back and take care of the take-down. Lights-A-Go-Go can also take those winter wonderland elements back to NorthStar Moving’s storage facility, so they don’t make your garage too chilly.  

Here’s how Lights- A-Go-Go can make your holidays simply glow bright:

  • Set-up Santa with Mrs. Claus, hang the lights and make them glow, put the reindeers in fake snow.
  • Take-down the tree, put away the lights, get rid of the glitter that lit up your nights.
  • Storage for your holiday boughs of holly and all the rest that made your home festive and jolly.
  • We can bring the winter fun back from storage and leave you to your own holiday flurry, or we can hang the wreath and decorate the door while you relax by the fire’s roar.


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