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The Getty Center in Los Angeles, CA
The Getty Center

NorthStar Moving Company has a stellar reputation performing office moves and is well equipped to handle any type of business move. Priceless puppets, swivel chairs, the world’s best artwork–you name it, we can probably move it and probably have. With past clients such as the J. Paul Getty Museum and The Jim Henson Company, we have an expert skill set to take care of whatever your moving needs may be. We know your business is unique, and we are ready to help.

Jim Henson Studios in Los Angeles, CA
Jim Henson Studios

Our business is to keep your business moving.

Moving an office can be stressful. We understand your need to minimize the interruption to your daily business. Priority number one is to be back in business as soon as possible. Good thing our business is moving your business. NorthStar Moving Company is ready to meet whatever your moving needs may be, even if that means sending crews out in the middle of the night. That’s what coffee is for, right?

Moving the Los Angeles Superfad Production Office
Superfad Production Office

Office Moves 101

1. Our office move specialists not only give you a competitive bid for your office move, but they help you and your facilities department plan the move itself.

Prior to your moving day, we will be in direct contact with your company’s move coordinator, whether that be a facilities manager, office manager, relocation manager or you. The NorthStar Moving Office Move Project Manager assigned to your move will address your questions and concerns. We’re ready to listen to exactly how you want your company’s move completed.

2. The NorthStar Moving Office Move Project Manager will work with you to solve important planning questions, establish a timetable for your move and develop a floor plan for your new facility.

Moving the Make-A-Wish Foundation
Make-A-Wish Foundation

How much packing do you want your employees to do themselves? Our moving experts can pack everything for you, or we can come teach your employees how to be packing pros. If you prefer that your employees pack themselves, we can always supply you with packing materials before your move.

Organization is key. We will help your business stay organized even while in transit.

Before the move, NorthStar Moving will request a floor plan of your new facilities. With your help, we assign numeric or alpha names to different designated areas of your new facilities. That floor plan becomes a basic guide for your move. We designate each item to be moved with special color coded labels that include your assigned names and a unique number. We then map out where each item should be placed on your new floor plan. It’s like those paint by number paintings you loved as a kid, but the final product won’t look like a Jackson Pollock.

Moving the Dick Clark Production Office
Dick Clark Productions Office

3. Before your moving day, NorthStar Moving will talk directly to the building management of both your old and new facilities.

We call ahead of time to make sure we understand all the requirements that we must meet when moving your business. We will also direct our insurance company to provide each of the building owners’ management teams with a certificate of insurance with their names as additional insured. The perfect move means no surprises.

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