Art & Piano Moving

Art and Piano Moving Icon From Van Goghs to vases –
We know how to protect your priceless pieces.

Handling three original Picassos

Not everything is going to fit into a cardboard box. And some of the things that do fit need more protection than a simple box can offer.

For years, NorthStar Moving has moved countless pieces of priceless works of art, furniture and equipment. It all starts with building safe and secure crates to provide the highest level of security and safety. That’s why folks like the Getty Museum, Konami and the Harry Winston Jewelers trust us to move them.

NorthStar Moving truck outside The Getty

Trained in proper packing methods to provide maximum protection, our professional packers use the industry’s finest packing materials to cushion, cover and protect your belongings. From using cartons to pad-wrapping to customized wood crating, NorthStar Moving ensures that your treasures remain protected during the move.

Robot in Jim Henson’s studio

Our expertise in moving irreplaceable one of a kind items, like the Jim Henson company’s computerized puppet control systems to the entire contents of mega mansions, makes NorthStar Moving the go to moving company for the Entertainment Industry and other folks with items requiring a little extra tender loving care.

Piano MovingPiano Moving

Our professional movers will ensure your piano gets from Point A to Point B without leaving a scratch on your black and white keys or your home’s doors. Using moving blankets for padding, shrink wrap and packing tape for security, we’ll make sure your piano arrives safely in one piece, set-up and ready for the piano tuner to come so you can play Mozart’s “Alla Turca” or a fabulous rendition of “Chopsticks.”

Moving Antiques

Packing AntiquesYour antiques are safe in our expert hands. After all, The Getty trusts us. We’ve proven time and time again that we have the skill set required to safely protect your delicate and cherished objects. We protect your treasures before we move them out of your home and place them securely in our moving trucks. We’ve literally moved everything from Picassos to one-of-a-kind irreplaceable items, rest assured we have the necessary amount of experience to store and move your antiques.

Moving Artwork

Packing ArtworkArt is irreplaceable. Each piece is one-of-a-kind. We know that no amount of money can replace your child’s first drawing, life-size portraits or your collection of Degas. Fine masterpieces are hard to come by and they deserve the best care. When using our services, we’ll pack flat pieces in our specialized artwork boxes and use state-of-the-art customized crating for pieces that belong outside the box. It’s why we have done it all. We’ve literally moved Picassos and the work of China’s Ting Shao Kuang.

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