Little Red Wagons to Big Red Trucks: Happy Birthday, Northstar Moving!

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NorthStar Moving's Birthday CakeHappy belated 19th birthday, NorthStar Moving! On September 23rd, the NorthStar Moving team entered our final year as a teenager! It’s been an amazing journey so far here at NorthStar Moving, from the little red wagons to the big red trucks proudly displaying our NorthStar Moving logo. Ever wondered what our life has looked like? Here’s our story:

NorthStar Moving's office in Chatsworth, CA
NorthStar Moving’s office in Chatsworth, CA

NorthStar Moving was created by Ram Katalan, our Co-Founder and President, and by Laura McHolm, our Co-Founder and Director of Marketing. The beginning was humble. We started in a tiny one room office in Chatsworth, CA, with only a few NorthStar Moving trucks. The NorthStar Moving office staff was a handful of people with big dreams. In a few short years, we grew so much that we expanded to a bigger office in Northridge, CA with a large warehouse attached. NorthStar Moving was growing: we had more people, more departments, and there was even enough room at the back to park our growing fleet of trucks! NorthStar Moving kept expanding and pretty soon we needed a bigger office to serve our growing customer base in Northern California. We got our very own NorthStar Moving office and warehouse in San Francisco, CA!

NorthStar Moving's owner Ram, at our birthday bash!
NorthStar Moving’s Co-Founder at our birthday bash!

By this time NorthStar Moving had built a stellar reputation in California, but we weren’t done. At NorthStar Moving, we wanted to elevate moving to more than just a home service. We wanted to redefine the moving industry and become the first company to offer eco-luxury moving services. Our goal was (and still is) is elevate basic moving and storage services to a new unparalleled level of customer service, customized care, and environmental consciousness. NorthStar Moving kept growing by gaining new clients and having a huge number of repeat and referral clients. Those loyal clients were the proof that NorthStar Moving succeeded in our mission to exceed our clients’ expectations with graceful customer care, redefining the moving industry into what it should have always been: the ultimate service industry. NorthStar Moving Trucks

In 2005, we knew it was time for another growth spurt at NorthStar Moving. One major indication? Parking! We hired many new team members at NorthStar Moving in all departments: helpers, foremen, dispatchers, accounting, Client Loyalty Team, every department was expanded. When employees had to keep leaving the office to move their car because they were blocking someone, we knew we were on the right path. In July 2005, we packed our belongings and moved the official NorthStar Moving headquarters five minutes down the street back to Chatsworth, CA. It was a lot of fun to have our own NorthStar Moving teams come in to the offices, help our team members pack everything, and get it all organized at the new headquarters where were are now: 9120 Mason Ave, Chatsworth, CA.NorthStar Moving in Los Angeles

NorthStar Moving keeps on growing.  In the past year, we bought 14 new trucks to add to our impressive Biodiesel fleet of shiny big red NorthStar Moving vehicles. NorthStar Moving provides work to many people in our community and has been featured on the Inc 5000 list of fastest growing businesses in America since the list was initiated (that’s 7 years!). NorthStar Moving services include local, long distance, international, residential, commercial and entertainment industry moves, as well as full-service storage.

We aren’t going to tell you to wish us a “Happy Birthday,” but we do want to hear about your experiences with us! Take a walk down memory lane in the Comments section!