What to do Before Moving into a New House

before moving into a new house consider your space

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When packing up and getting ready to say goodbye to your old home, it’s easy to overlook the details involved in moving into a new house. Changing addresses, changing schools and transferring utilities are usually the first items on your list, but when moving into a new place consider these steps that will end up saving you lots of time after your move. These pre-moving day tips for your new home can be simple DIY projects for the family or they can be done by professionals while you get your packing finished. Don’t forget to add these steps to your to-do list before moving in. Also, remember to be mindful when choosing your new house to make sure it is the right home for you.

Change the locks before moving into a new house

change your locks when moving into a new house
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After the realtor hands over the key, it’s time to celebrate! Ok, now that’s over, it’s time to change the locks. This is an important step before moving into your new place in order to protect your family and your belongings. You can never be too sure who might have a copy of that old key, because, who knows, maybe the previous owner handed their keys out like candy at Halloween. Change the locks to the front, back and side doors. Remember to make copies of your new keys for your family. Smart locks are a great safety upgrade. Changing the locks before you move into a new house will give you a greater sense of security. To further enhance protection for your new home, consider installing a security system or upgrading the existing alarm system, if your new home already has one.

Paint in neutrals first

paint before moving into a new house
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Painting is an easy way to give any space a fresh start. Before you start rolling on the paint, consider covering up the old paint with a primer or neutral color that will give you a clean palate and freedom to customize the space later. Often, new homeowners are anxious to make their mark before moving into a new house. However, waiting until after moving day to choose each room’s permanent colors will save you time and effort. After you’ve settled on the lighting and furniture choices, you’ll have a better idea of what color fits each room. Think twice and you will paint only once. 

Say goodbye to old pests at your new  place

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The previous owners might be leaving behind some unwanted guests who will be creeping and crawling all over your new home. New neighbors are great, but creepy, crawly guests are not your friends. To make sure that you eliminate any unwanted pests, enlist the help of an exterminator or professional pest control service before moving into a new house. Remember to do a thorough cleaning to avoid any chemical residue from being carried into your home during moving day. Ask about eco-friendly pest control that uses natural chemicals to eliminate or deter pests before you move in. 

Deep clean before moving day

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This one is fairly obvious, but cleaning beforehand will help you feel more at ease on moving day. Before moving in, change the toilet seat, appliances, screens, drawer liners and cabinet handles for a fresh new start. If you decide to clean the carpet or floor before moving into a new house, remember to protect your floors with a covered paper path for movers on moving day to make sure that your floors and carpets stay clean. If there’s just too much to do before moving day, get a little help from a green cleaning company to get your home ready.

Design your space before the heavy lifting

Design your spaces
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Movers are often being paid by the hour, meaning you don’t want to waste a lot of time rearranging furniture while you are moving into your new place. Save time on moving day by organizing and planning your room designs beforehand. Measuring your spaces, rooms and hallways can help you plan out a much smoother move. Create a floor plan to sketch out each room on paper and decide where each piece of furniture will go before moving into a new house. Take into consideration where existing outlets are located on the walls to help you plan. This pre-move planning will save you money, energy, time and maybe even your back.

Create a detailed plan for your move

All in all, moving into a new house can be overwhelming, but careful planning can make all the difference. Preparing ahead of time will help make the transition as smooth as possible. This is especially important when you are moving with kids, as this transition can be particularly stressful for them. Timing doesn’t always line up perfectly during the moving process. You might need temporary housing or storage in order to fill in any gaps between needing to move out of your old house and moving into your new one. A move calendar can be a useful tool to keep everything organized. 

Throughout the process of selecting your new home and preparing for moving day, keep health and wellness in mind and use this opportunity to make a fresh start. Your moving experience can be greatly enhanced by choosing a reputable moving company that can smoothly transfer all your things to your new house, enabling you to have time to turn your new house into a home.