Refresh your Home for a New Year: Tips from the Best Movers in Los Angeles

Best Movers Los Angeles help you organize your home.

With that flip of the calendar, every new year brings a chance to reset. Whether you’ve set resolutions, intentions or goals, we all desire change in the new year. Like something out of a home improvement makeover, we crave that dramatic before and after transformation. Although there is no fast-forward button, organizing your space can help you get moving in your new direction. According to organizational extraordinaire Marie Kondo, “The space in which we live should be for the person we are becoming now—not for the person we were in the past.”  As experts in fresh starts, our Best Movers in Los Angeles are sharing their insights for a fresh start. From decluttering to redesigning, find tips tips and inspiration needed to create a home environment that truly resonates with your new year’s goals. 

Decluttering: The First Step to a Refreshed Home.

Donate unwanted clothing. Every fresh start begins with parting with the old. As you sift through your belongings, you’re not just organizing physical space; you’re clearing mental space too. The Best Movers in Los Angeles encourage clients to donate unwanted items to local organizations like the Goodwill, Habitat for Humanity Furniture ReStore. Cleaning your pantry for a healthier year? You can donate non-perishable food items to your local food bank. The act of donating or recycling increases your  positive impact. It’s not merely about reducing clutter. Experience the joy of giving items a new life and knowing the satisfaction of actively taking care of the environment.

Where to start? Tackle each closet, or go room by room, until your space reflects a state of mind that is calmer and more focused. It’s a beautiful cycle: a decluttered space leads to a decluttered mind, which in turn fosters a more peaceful and productive life. Make room for your new exercise routine, study area, meditation zone or whatever goal you’re working toward. Added bonus, the less clutter the easier your home is to maintain.

Storage Solutions: Creating extra space in your home. 

Wardrobe boxes to store your unused clothing. What if after decluttering and downsizing you still need more space? Our Best movers in Los Angeles recommend using a full service storage solution. Whether you need a temporary separation from your belongings or long term storage, full service storage is a flexible option for the new year. Full service storage eliminates the need for transporting items yourself. Additionally, our Best Movers in Los Angeles will provide you with an inventory of your storage units. This makes it easier for you to remember what you keep in storage. With full service storage you save time and energy and gain peace of mind. Skip the usual stress and strain of trying to manage all your storage needs on your own with one phone call. With your belongings safely tucked away in storage, you can make room for that new hobby, exercise machine or home office. 

Rearrange your home for a New Perspective.

Girl arranging her home by decluttering her space.Tired of your old home? If you’re not in the position to move, you can always breathe new life into your familiar spaces by simply rearranging your rooms.  By shifting furniture, changing the layout, or even just repositioning art and decor, you can create a fresh perspective. This process of rearrangement stimulates the senses – visually, spatially and emotionally. Before moving heavy furniture around, our best movers in Los Angeles suggest that you take basic measurements and draw a simple floor plan. Rearrange your spaces on paper until you find the right floor plan for your new year. This change in environment can also have a surprisingly positive effect on your mood and productivity. The beauty of this approach lies in its simplicity and the immediate sense of renewal it can bring. Your home feels new and exciting again. 

The Best Movers in Los Angeles are Available if You Need a Fresh Start.

NorthStar Moving are Best Movers in Los Angeles are packing up a home. As we usher in a New Year,  set your home up for the kind of year you want to have. Decluttering, storage solutions and creative rearrangement of our living spaces can all serve as a powerful catalyst for a fresh start. And, if your vision for the New Year involves a more significant change, like moving to a new home, remember our team is  ready to help. As the Best Movers in Los Angeles, we are committed to ensuring that your transition is smooth, stress-free and positive. Whether it’s a subtle shift in your current space or a grand move to a new one, let us be part of your journey to a refreshing new year.