Aquaponics At Home


Aquaponics is a sustainable method of growing food. It incorporates both hydroponics and aquaculture in one low-maintenance system. Based on the nitrogen cycle, plants consume fish waste while simultaneously filtering the fish tank water. Fun and surprisingly easy, aquaponics is a wonderful hobby for families… Read More

Creating a Backyard Garden

Many of us would love to have fresh fruits and vegetables straight from our backyard garden, but we live in urban areas or lack the time necessary to care for a backyard garden. Mel Bartholomew, the author of Square Foot Gardening, has given us not only an easy way to maintain your backyard garden, but a way to do it using minimal space. Using raised beds, loose soil and square foot boxes (1ft x 1ft) you can have fresh fruits and vegetables from your backyard garden Read More

A Very Vegetarian Valentine’s Day

NorthStar Moving® knows a thing or two about how to be red on the outside and green on the inside. Make your Valentine’s Day dinner the same way! This holiday is a day for love. And, as the old saying goes, what better way is there to get a person’s heart than through their stomach? So, why not get moving and cook a nice dinner for your family, your friends, or your special someone? If you really care about them, you’ll pick the healthy (and green!) alternative and make Read More

A Very Vegetarian New Year’s Eve

How do you celebrate New Year’s Eve? My family throws a party for all our friends! We move around and dance, play games, and countdown to the new year. We also drink sparkling apple cider, which is my favorite drink. Why? Because of all the bubbles! Watching the bubbles rise to the top of the glass gives me the same satisfaction that comes with popping eco bubble. Besides getting to be with people I love, the best part of the party is usually the food. Yummy! Read More