Graduation: Moving towards a Greener, Brighter Future

LU2Y6588 by 81disasters (CC BY-SA 2.0)

We at NorthStar Moving® want to say congratulations to all the new college graduates out there! You’ve used your brain for information storage, you’ve gotten moving from school to school, and now you’re ready to get into the real world and have a job after graduation. College students in this day and age are all about changing the world around them, especially when it comes to the environment. Green jobs are all the rage, and we love that! Here are some of our favorite green jobs and green cities that graduates should check out.

Green Jobs

Job Search – If you’re looking for something specific like “clean energy engineer” or “marketing at green company,” try a job search for green jobs at websites like the Green Jobs Network , the TreeHugger Job Board, or The Green Job Bank. If you want to work for a certain green company, this is one of our favorite places for green jobs:

Global Green USA
– As a green moving company, we have lots of green friends! One of our favorite places for green jobs is Global Green USA, an organization dedicated to increasing awareness of Smart Climate Solutions. In fact, we love helping them year after year with their annual fundraiser Pre-Oscar Party. So much fun! With offices in Southern California, New Orleans, and Washington D.C., find yourself one of many Global Green jobs today! (Yes,  they are currently hiring!)

Green Jobs can be found here at Global Green Party
Global Green’s 6th Annual Pre-Oscar Party, 2009

Green Cities

If you just want to find a green job after graduation by moving to a green city first, the Mother Nature Network has compiled a list of the best green cities for recent graduates. Here are a few of my favorite green cities for green jobs:

San Francisco – California has been ranked as the state with the largest number of green jobs, so it’s only natural that San Francisco was recently ranked as the number one green city for green jobs! The green city is home to jobs in areas such as the energy sector, green technology, emissions control, and there’s a demand for LEED-certified architects. For more information on how San Francisco stays green, check out our city spotlight on San Francisco, the Bay Area’s greenest city with the loads of green jobs!

Green Jobs in transportation!
San Francisco transportation: photo by Tony the Misfit

Portland – Portland, Oregon is a sort of green mecca. Portland has been rated as the most sustainable city in America by many different organizations. The green city has the green jobs to prove it. For jobs after graduation, look to Portland for green jobs in areas such as clean energy, eco-friendly manufacturing, and of course, green city management. Read about all the other ways Portland stays green in our Portland city spotlight.

Sacramento and Davis – Sacramento and its surrounding cities, including Davis, are on the rise for green jobs. Sacramento boasts of many green government and green technology jobs. Davis, which is home to UC Davis, one of the greenest campuses in the nation and home to many green graduate education programs in areas such as agriculture. Community sustainability is very important to the citizens of Davis, just check out our Davis city spotlight and see how green they are!

Green Jobs after graduation from UC Davis!
UC Davis Arboretum: photo by ludios

Los Angeles – We can’t forget about all the green jobs in Los Angeles! If you’re looking for jobs after graduation, Los Angeles is a great place for LEED building, green activism and green arts and entertainment. See what’s getting done in downtown Los Angeles. (Los Angeles is also home to an amazing green moving company!)

Do you have any tips for recent graduates looking for green jobs? Do you have a green job? Did you just get a green job? Tell us all about it at the comments section!