Star Power: Moving Happiness Home Blog Featured in Ladies’ Home Journal

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claire thumbnailHave you heard the news? Don’t worry, because I’m going to tell you all about it! This very blog you’re reading right now was recently featured in Ladies’ Home Journal! Wowee! Laura McHolm, cofounder of NorthStar Moving Company, made the journal’s list of “16 Women Who Made the World Happier This Year.” How is she making the world a happier place? With this blog!

 The Girl Behind Snap Greene

In the blog world, my name is Snap Greene. In real life, my name is Claire.

Laura McHolm has been honored as a “Woman Who Made the World Happier This Year” because of her star power. No, not time travel power or her own celebrity status, but the power she has to make other stars! It all comes back to Claire Wineland. In the blog world, the girl to the right is Snap Greene. In real life, her name is Claire. Claire is an amazing 16-year-old living with cystic fibrosis who first met NorthStar Moving when the Make-A-Wish Foundation was granting her wish for a bedroom makeover. Laura McHolm instantly recognized Claire’s star power and asked Claire to become the face of this very blog. For real life updates from the real life Claire, check out the Claire’s Corner section of this blog!

Claire’s Star Power

While most 16-year-olds would be happy enough to have their own blog, Claire goes the extra mile–she has her own non-profit organization!

Claire’s Place Foundation, founded by Claire Wineland herself, is a very special organization that helps children and families affected by cystic fibrosis, or “CF,” a genetic disease that can lead to many surgeries and extended hospital stays. Through financial support, emotional support, and spreading knowledge, Claire’s Place Foundation makes a difference in the lives of many families dealing with CF. Claire is a star in so many ways.

VIDEO: Claire Explains Claire’s Place Foundation

A Message from Claire

When Claire heard the news about being in Ladies’ Home Journal, she said she felt “so honored and honestly shocked.” Read on to hear some more of her words of wisdom:

“We look at these people on TV and in books who have done something with their lives and are leaving marks, and we either feel inspired or go into that little world of ‘I haven’t done anything with my life!’ feelings. For me, I still feel the later of the two most of the time. And then something like being put in a big time magazine reminds me that I have done something! The funny part about that, though, and something that I think is good for people to know, is that accomplishing something doesn’t make those feelings of uselessness go away. We have to make that go away ourselves. We have to do what we love without worrying about the need to fill that hole.”

 You heard the girl–we have to keep doing what we love! If you’d like to help Claire continue her wonderful work with Claire’s Place Foundation, you can donate here.

Does Claire inspire you as much as she inspires us? Let’s chat in the Comments section!