Bay Area Moves

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Moving in or out of the Bay Area?

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So you’re looking for a moving company in San Francisco or a moving company anywhere in the Bay Area? Fabulous! NorthStar Moving Company is recognized as the go to San Francisco moving company throughout the Bay Area for over 20 years. If you’re moving within the state of California and your move isn’t farther than 100 miles, then that’s what California moving companies call a local move. If you’re planning to move more than 100 miles within California (in moving lingo that’s called an intrastate move) check out: California Moves 100 miles plus

Moving long distance?

Moving to a different state? NorthStar Moving Company can take the long and winding road out of a long distance move. We can move you from California, Arizona or Texas to any other state. San Mateo, CA to New York, NY? San Francisco, CA to Portland, OR? No problem.

Father SerraMoving inside any other state than California?

Sorry guys, we can’t help you. We started out in Southern California and are now a thriving moving company in San Francisco, so who knows? As our business continues to grow, we might be able to help you on your next move. Our how to choose a mover tips provide you pointers on choosing a moving company.

Moving internationally?

Flintstone House_3An international move is a move from the United States to another country. NorthStar Moving Company is proud to be affiliated with a vast network of Freight Forwarders (that’s moving talk for international moving companies) who can deliver your belongings from the United States to practically anywhere around the world. Yabba, dabba doo! You’re leaving Bedrock and venturing out to the big wide world! Sounds exciting! Make sure to send us a postcard!

More awards than any other mover.

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Stanford, Berkeley and Silicon Valley are known for their geeks. It turns out we are too. People seem to appreciate our moving geekiness. Our moving geekiness has earned us awards and honors as one of the highest rated moving companies in San Francisco. It hasn’t gone to our heads, but we are truly proud of it. It means we’ve done a great job at an affordable price. If a moving company hasn’t won any awards for service, do you really think they’ll win one from you?

Pack yourself or we’ll pack for you.

You want to pack your belongings? Okay, we’ve got oodles of packing tips and videos to teach you how to pack like a professional. Or, do you want us to do the packing and unpacking? We can pack and unpack it ALL for you, or you can do some and we can do some. What works best for you?

hStorage for the things you love.

Don’t have enough space to display your significant other’s lava lamp collection in your new home? Remodeling? Combining two houses? Don’t have room for all of your cherished belongings? We’ll take excellent care of your treasures. With NorthStar Moving’s storage, you’ll pay for just the exact amount of space you need. 


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