How to Choose A Green Mover

I love moving, and I love going green! The problem with moving is that most of the time, moving tends to not be green. Moving involves driving long distances, using lots of material for packing, and often leads to a lot of waste overall. That’s… Read More

Moving to Altadena, CA

Altadena, CA is the community directly north of Pasadena, about 14 miles from downtown Los Angeles. While a small community of about 42,000, Altadena isn’t something to pass over! As a part of unincorporated Los Angeles County and because of the lack of many apartments… Read More

Moving to Long Beach, CA

It seems that every other place to get moving to in the Los Angeles area ends in “Beach.” What makes each one special? Well Long Beach, CA is definitely one that has many special aspects to it. It’s so much more than just another beach… Read More

Moving to Sherman Oaks, CA

So where do all the valley girls hang out? In Sherman Oaks, of course! But Sherman Oaks is more than just another section of the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles. Entertainment? Sherman Oaks has it. Shopping? Sherman Oaks has it! Located between Studio City,… Read More

Moving to Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles, CA is home to NorthStar Moving®’s headquarters. All of their red trucks are parked in the city of angels waiting for the next move. Many people think of Los Angeles as the home of entertainment, but that is not all it is. If… Read More

Moving to Culver City, CA the Heart of Screenland

Moving to Culver City in Southern California means moving to “the heart of screenland.” Located in the Los Angeles area, Culver City is full of old Hollywood scenery, but moving to Culver City opens the door to one of the hippest cities in Los Angeles. Culver City houses museums, studios, trendy restaurants, public transportation and excellent ways to live a greener lifestyle. Being the original home to places such as MGM Studios and LA’s historical Helm’s Bakery, there are many Read More

Moving to Manhattan Beach, CA

Manhattan Beach is the beach-living, sports-enthusiast spot in Los Angeles. If your thinking of moving to Manhattan Beach, or are interested coastal living, look no further moving to Manhattan Beach is the thing for you. Moving to Manhattan Beach you’ll enjoy great surf, restaurants, and an outreaching sports community. Once the Beach Boys’ hangout, Manhattan Beach has become the hometown of many professional athletes. From Maria Sharapova to Jeff Garcia, Read More