Local Moves: What To Know

For most states, local moves typically occur from one location to a second location within that same state. A local move can be to another unit in an apartment or condominium building. Or, it can be to another home or place of business down the… Read More

Moving to Topanga, CA

View of the ocean from Topanga State Park

Looking for an off the grid getaway that will bring you closer to nature? Then follow the windy roads that will get you moving to Topanga.  With Malibu to the west and Pacific Palisades to the east, Topanga’s unique community has easy access to the best beaches in California. Known for its one of a kind artist community, amazing hiking trails and eco-friendly residents, Topanga is an escape from the bustling cities in LA County. Read More

Moving Mumbo Jumbo made easy: Moving Terms Part 1

I don’t know about you, but sometimes when I hear moving terms it all just sounds like a bunch of moving mumbo jumbo! What’s so important about them? You’d be surprised! Moving terms are an important part of choosing the right moving company. Really listen when a moving associate explains how much your move will cost and what exactly you’re being charged. A smart mover is an informed mover! If you still don’t understand, no worries, because that’s where Read More